South Island Championships 2023 is an official NZCF standard and rapid chess championships held in Oamaru from 27th September to 1st October.

South Island Championships 2023

Brydone Hotel Oamaru

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South Island Championships 2023

South Island Championships 2023 is an official NZCF event that incorporates both standard and rapid chess championships. Held at the Brydone Hotel in Oamaru from Wednesday 27th September to Sunday 1st October 2023.



Position Points Player
South Island Championships
South Island Champion 1st 6.5/8 Edward S Lee
2nd equal 6/8 FM Stephen G Lukey
Top Junior (u20) 2nd equal 6/8 CM Kendrick Botong Zhang
2nd equal 6/8 Matthew D McNabb
Under 2000 equal 5.5/8 Rommel Ong
Under 2000 equal 5.5/8 Atlas Kerr
Under 2000 equal 5.5/8 Timothy Huy Minh Ha
Under 1650 equal 5/8 Karl Holdo
Under 1650 equal 5/8 Angelito Ingan
Top Female Junior (u20) 4.5/8 Abigail Rowe
South Island Rapid
1st 5.5/6 CM Kendrick Botong Zhang
Joint South Island Rapid Champion 2nd equal 5/6 Atlas Kerr
Joint South Island Rapid Champio 2nd equal 5/6 Olefsandr Nedyhalov
Joint South Island Rapid Champio 2nd equal 5/6 Thomas Koentges
2nd equal 5/6 WFM Nikola Mayrhuber
2nd equal 5/6 Jack McConnell
Under 1800 1st 5/6 Jack McConnell
Under 1800 2nd 4.5/6 Artem Anikonov
Under 1200 1st 4/6 Dion A Wilson
Under 1200 2nd equal 3/6 Abigail Rowe
Under 1200 2nd equal 3/6 Caleb MacDonald
Under 1200 2nd equal 3/6 Charles Prebble
Under 1200 2nd equal 3/6 Abel van Booma

Vega Webpage View

Link to Vega Webpages for Championships and Rapid.

Download all games in Championships PGN.

Live Game Broadcast

Link to broadcast of live games on Lichess (Championship). and Lichess (Rapid).

Photos available from

Entry Details

Entry Fees Before 13 September After 13 September
Adult $90 $100
Junior $50 $60
Adult $40 $45
Junior $25 $30

Junior entry fees apply to players who have not reached the age of 20 years in 2022.

Entry Instructions

Payment should be made via internet banking to Otago Chess Club Inc 03-0905-0169820-00 – please include your surname and ‘South Island’ as references. Entries will be confirmed after payment is received.

Use online entry form to enter.

Confirmed entries are listed online on Vega Webpages. Link in Results section of this webpage.

Any questions can be directed to the organiser: Quentin Johnson, 021 156 6789, [email protected]
Oamaru players should contact: Greg Familton, [email protected]

New Zealand chess players who participate in more than one NZCF rated event in a year must be a member of a chess club that is affiliated or associated with NZCF (New Zealand Chess Federation). The Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club offers memberships that fulfill this requirement from just $15.

Event Information

Summarised information for South Island Championships 2023 available in printable PDF brochure.


Wednesday 27th September to Sunday 1st October 2023.


Brydone Hotel Oamaru

Brydone Hotel, 115 Thames Street, Oamaru.

Travel Arrangements


The South Island Chess Companionship is being held at the Brydone Hotel
Special rates will apply for those staying at the Brydone for the duration of the tournament.
Bookings should be made under the group name SI Chess championships, #76955.
The room rate will be at a discounted rate of $145.00 per room.
Individuals should contact the Brydone Hotel to book their room, quoting the above. They will take bookings at that rate up to a month before the tournament.
The Brydone Hotel, 115 Thames Street. 03 433 0480

Closest to the Brydone Hotel
Bella Vista, 206 Thames Street. 03 434 2400
Alpine Motel, 285 Thames Street. 03 434 5038
Midway Motels, 289 Thames Street. 03 434 5388

Closest to the Brydone Hotel
Empire Backpackers, 13 Thames Street. 03 434 3446
TOP 10 Holiday Park, 30 Chelmer Street. 03 434 7666

Closest Airports

Either Dunedin airport (140 km south) or Timaru airport (96 km North).

Hire Plus Oamaru operate a shuttle service to take people to and from Oamaru and the airport. They state “We also offer a very affordable shuttle service to and from Dunedin, Queenstown, Timaru and Christchurch including the Airports and we can pick you up again when you get back. We can shuttle just one person or up to 32 with multiple shuttles available.

For more information or to make a booking, please call Trevor on 03 4345222 or 0275345222. We will go when you want to go and pick you up from wherever you are and drop you wherever you want to be dropped.”


Open to all players.

Non-NZL players must have FIDE ID issued by their chess federation.

NZL players without FIDE ID must provide full Date of Birth.


Championships, 8 round Swiss tournament, NZCF & FIDE rated where possible.

Rapid, 6 round Swiss tournament, NZCF & FIDE rated where possible.

Time Controls

Championships, 90 minutes each player plus 30 seconds increment per move from move one.

Rapid, 25 minutes each player plus 5 seconds increment per move from move one.


Start Time Day and Date
Registration 7.30am Wednesday 27th September 2023
Players Meeting 8.30am Wednesday 27th September 2023
Round 1 9am Wednesday 27th September 2023
Round 2 2.30pm Wednesday 27th September 2023
Round 3 9am Thursday 28th September 2023
Round 4 2.30pm Thursday 28th September 2023
Round 5 9am Friday 29th September 2023
Round 6 2.30pm Friday 29th September 2023
Round 7 9am Saturday 30th September 2023
Round 8 2.30pm Saturday 30th September 2023
Registration 8am Sunday 1st October 2023
Players Meeting 9am Sunday 1st October 2023
Round 1 9.15am Sunday 1st October 2023
Round 2 10.30am Sunday 1st October 2023
Round 3 11.45am Sunday 1st October 2023
Lunch Sunday 1st October 2023
Round 4 1.45pm Sunday 1st October 2023
Round 5 3pm Sunday 1st October 2023
Round 6 4.15pm Sunday 1st October 2023

Prize Fund

Championships, $1,750 minimum depending on entries.

Rapid, $660 minimum depending on entries.


The South Island Chess Championships is one of New Zealand’s premiere chess tournaments and has been held annually since 1950. In 2022 the tournament was held in Invercargill and attracted 73 unique players across the Classical and Rapid events, the largest field to date. Oamaru is proud to be the 2023 host and hopes that the numbers will increase again.

The South Island Chess Championships will be the first major chess tournament held in Oamaru since the town previously hosted the South Island Championships in 1957. The only other major chess tournament to be held in Oamaru being the New Zealand Chess Championships in 1905. Disappointingly, in the 1905 Championships, the Oamaru representative finished 14th in a field of 14 players.

Tournament Regulations

NZCF and FIDE Rating: Tournaments will be NZCF-rated and FIDE-rated where possible.

Pairings and Rating-Based Prizes: NZCF ratings will be used for pairings and rating-based prizes. Players without ratings may be assigned a rating by the Chief Arbiter. The most recently published rating lists will be used.

Multiple Prizes and Tiebreaks: Players may not win more than one cash prize in a tournament – the highest cash prize will be paid, and other prizes will be passed down to the next highest-placed player. Per NZCF regulations, titles and cash prizes will be shared by eligible players on the same score and ties will not be broken.

Defaults: Per NZCF Regulations, default time is 30 minutes after the start of the round.

Appeals: A player may appeal against a decision of the Arbiter in a tournament. Appeals Committees for each tournament will be appointed by the Organiser from the players.

Appeals must be lodged in writing within 30 minutes of the end of the game (10 minutes for the South Island Rapid Championship). A fee of $50 will apply, to be refunded if the appeal is successful or otherwise at the discretion of the Appeals Committee.

Mobile Phones / Electronic Devices: During a game, players are forbidden to have a mobile phone, electronic means of communication or any device capable of suggesting chess moves on their person in the playing venue. Such devices may be stored in a player’s bag or jacket, which is to be left under their table or the back of their chair during the game unless permission is given by the Arbiter. Suchdevices are to be switched off and are not to make any noise. Breaches of this rule will result in loss of game unless the Arbiter decides otherwise. This includes smart watches but not standard analogue or digital watches.

Photos: Spectators may take photos during the first 5 minutes of a round.

Covid-19: The 2023 South Island Chess Championships and 2023 South Island Rapid play Chess Championships with be played subject to any relevant Covid-19 legislation and/or guidelines which are in place at the time. These will be published once it is clear which, if any, legislation, and/or guidelines will be in place during the tournament dates.

Refunds: If a player withdraws prior to 13 September 2023, their entry fee will be refunded. If a player is removed from a tournament or otherwise unable to play or continue, after 13 September 2023, no refund will be paid. NZCF, The Otago Chess Club, or any organiser or arbiter will not be liable for any consequential loss if the tournament is cancelled or a player withdraws or is subject to any action or penalty under NZ Law, the Laws of Chess, NZCF or FIDE Rules or Regulations, or these tournament regulations.


Chief Organiser: IO Quentin Johnson

Chief Arbiter: IA Craig Hall


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