Peter Stuart Memorial 2024 (formerly North Shore Open) is a chess tournament held from 28th to 30th June 2024.

Peter Stuart Memorial 2024

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Peter Stuart Memorial 2024

Peter Stuart Memorial 2024 (formerly North Shore Open) is a chess tournament held over the Matariki long weekend from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th June 2024. Peter Stuart Memorial 2024 would be played as a Swiss system tournament of six rounds. Games have a single time control of 90 minutes per player for the game with 30 seconds increment per move.



Prizewinners would be listed here.

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Entry Details

Due to space restrictions, we can host a maximum of 64 players. We invite players rated over 1600 (FIDE standard rating) to enter right away; closing date 14th June. Players rated 1600 and under may apply to join the waiting list.

Entry Fees

$85 $100
by 14th June Late Entries by 26th June

Players rated under 1601 are placed on the waiting list and will be invited to join (and pay) on 14th June if there is space. Those who applied earliest will take priority.

Players rated under 1600 (FIDE) but travelling from outside Auckland are invited to ask for dispensation to bypass the waiting list and enter immediately.

  • No entries on the day of the event.
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse entries.

Entry Instructions

Please pay online to ASB Bank account 12-3008-0301266-00 (Name as ‘particulars’ and PSMO as ‘reference’)

Players on the waiting list should not pay until notified that their entry has been accepted.

Use online entry form to enter.

New Zealand chess players who participate in more than one NZCF rated event in a year must be a member of a chess club that is affiliated or associated with NZCF (New Zealand Chess Federation). The Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club offers memberships that fulfill this requirement from just $15.

Event Information

Summarised Peter Stuart Memorial 2024 information available in printable PDF brochure.


Friday 28th to Sunday 30th June 2024


Auckland Chess Centre exterior view January 2021
Auckland Chess Centre

17 Cromwell Street, Mount Eden, Auckland.

Travel Arrangements


Open to all players.

Non-NZL players must have FIDE ID issued by their chess federation.

NZL players without FIDE ID must provide full Date of Birth.


6 round Swiss tournament, NZCF & FIDE rated where possible.

Players will be seeded according to the following priority of ratings that are in force at the start of the tournament:

  1. FIDE standard.
  2. NZCF Standard.
  3. NZCF Rapid.
  4. Surname alphabetical order.

Time Controls

90 minutes each player plus 30 seconds increment per move from move one.

Half-Point Byes

A player may take a single half-point bye in any one of the first 5 rounds. Notice should be given before the start of the tournament and may be given on the entry form.


Start Time Day & Date
Players Meeting 9am Friday 28th June 2024
Round 1 9.30am Friday 28th June 2024
Round 2 2.30pm Friday 28th June 2024
Round 3 9.30am Saturday 29th June 2024
Round 4 2.30pm Saturday 29th June 2024
Round 5 9.30am Sunday 30th June 2024
Round 6 2.30pm Sunday 30th June 2024
Prize giving approx. 6.30pm Sunday 30th June 2024

Prize Fund

Prize NZD
First $1500
Second $1000
Third $750
Grade prizes $750
"100%" (bonus for 6/6) $200
Upset prizes will be distributed each round (total) $120

Three grade bands, to be determined at the event, with 1st $150 and 2nd $100 in each band

Players may win Upset and 100% prizes in addition to one major prize. Only one major prize per player.


Chief Organiser: Dr. Helen Milligan

Chief Arbiter: IA Helen Milligan


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Peter Stuart Memorial 2024

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