Peter Stuart Masters 2021 comprises 4 round robin tournaments with 10 players each held from 2nd to 10th October at Auckland Chess Centre.

Peter Stuart Masters 2021

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Peter Stuart Masters 2021

Peter Stuart Masters 2021 is a chess event comprising 4 separate individual single round robin tournaments. Held from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th October 2021 at the Auckland Chess Centre. Each Peter Stuart Masters 2021 tournament has 9 rounds with 10 players each. Tournaments are the Masters, Qualifiers, Reserves and Talents.

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This event has been cancelled

Entry Details

Entry Fees

$100 per player.

Entry Instructions

Players are entered by invitation only.

Entry applications would be placed in waiting list before being selected to be invited to enter. Do not pay entry fees until after invitations are confirmed. (Waiting list removed once event has started)

Please pay online to ASB Bank account 12-3008-0301266-00 (Name as ‘particulars’ and PSMR as ‘reference’)

Use online entry form to submit entry application.

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COVID-19 Lockdown

This event has been cancelled


Those who have paid should email Helen Milligan for a refund. Email contact details in her website.

Criteria for selection to be invited

The Chief Organiser has full discretion to invite or decline any entry application without giving a reason.

As a guide, priority for selection to be invited would be given to:

  • Players with FIDE standard ratings over 2100.
  • North Shore Chess Club players.
  • Early entry applications.


Attempts will be made to accommodate entries of junior players who may also be playing at the NZCF interschools during round 1 of Peter Stuart Masters 2021.

Selections to be invited to enter would be made as soon as possible after receipt of application.

Once all 40 places are taken, entry applications will be queued in waiting list to replace any player that may withdraw. If the withdrawal occurs after players have been placed into each tournament, a suitable replacement would be selected from anyone in the waiting list (place in queue would be ignored).

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COVID-19 Issues

This event will go ahead only at COVID-19 Alert Level 1 (or below), where physical distancing and sanitising of equipment are not compulsory. The FIDE requirement to shake hands will not be enforced.

Event Information

Summarised information available in printable PDF brochure.


Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th October 2021



Auckland Chess Centre exterior view January 2021

Auckland Chess Centre, 17 Cromwell Street, Mt Eden, Auckland.


Open to all players.

Non-NZL players must have FIDE ID issued by their chess federation.

NZL players without FIDE ID must provide full Date of Birth.

Players are entered by invitation only.

Entry applications would be placed in waiting list before being selected to be invited to enter.


Time Controls

4 separate 9 round Single Round Robin tournaments.

Players would be placed into each tournament at the organiser’s discretion in order to maximise desirable outcomes for the players. Most of the 40 players would usually be sorted according to rating before being placed into each tournament. 1st 10 in Masters, 2nd 10 in Qualifiers, 3rd 10 in Reserves and final 10 in Talents. Ratings used would be September 2021 FIDE standard ratings. Players without FIDE standard ratings would be sorted with NZCF standard ratings then NZCF rapid ratings and finally other available ratings.

Within each tournament, players would be seeded at random.

90 minutes each player plus 30 minutes at move 40, with 30 seconds increment per move from move one.


Start Time Day & Date
Players meeting 1.45pm Saturday 2nd October 2021
Round 1 2pm Saturday 2nd October 2021
Round 2 2pm Sunday 3rd October 2021
Round 3 2pm Monday 4th October 2021
Round 4 2pm Tuesday 5th October 2021
Round 5 2pm Wednesday 6th October 2021
Round 6 2pm Thursday 7th October 2021
Round 7 2pm Friday 8th October 2021
Round 8 2pm Saturday 9th October 2021
Round 9 2pm Sunday 10th October 2021

Prize Fund

1st 2nd 3rd
Masters $300 $200 $100
Qualifiers $300 $200 $100
Reserves $300 $200 $100
Talents $300 $200 $100

Prizefund may increase pending North Shore Chess Club committee decisions.

Highest scoring NZ player in Masters wins the Peter Stuart Masters Trophy for 2021. (also pending North Shore Chess Club committee decision)


  • In the event of a tie, prize money will be shared.

Book Flights, Transport and Accommodation with


Chief Organiser: Dr. Helen Milligan

Chief Arbiter: IA Keong Ang

Deputy Arbiter: FA Tingling (Lynn) Wei


Player Entries by Rating and Title

Players who have confirmed entry invitations listed here.

1 Ang, Alphaeus Wei Ern NZL NZLACFM228522852417
2 Cilia Vincenti, David MLT MLTWECM207620762197
3 Meng, Richard NZL NZLNSCM200420042167
4 Milligan, Helen NZL NZLNSCM195619562104
5 Bennett, Hilton NZL NZLHACM192019202056
6 Gibbons, Robert NZL NZLPTFM187718772083
7 Krstev, Antonio NZL NZLNS187418742052
8 Metge, J. Nigel NZL NZLPT183618362044
9 Qin, Oscar Shu Xuan NZL NZLAC179117912016
10 Park-Tamati, Philli NZL NZLAC164716471902
11 Wang, Daniel NZL NZLNS162516251671
12 Holdo, Karl NZL NZLAC160016001836
13 Yu, Zachary NZL NZLNS160016001612
14 Zhu, David Junyang NZL NZLNS153515351550
15 Po`e-Tofaeono, Hunter NZL NZLAC146914691551
16 Chen, Matthew NZL NZLNS146614661752
17 Barnett-Harris, Lucas NZL NZLNS145814581642
18 Po`e-Tofaeono, Grayson NZL NZLAC143714371361
19 Zara, Baraa NZL NZLAC139913991698
20 Fan, Eric NZL NZLAC138813881328
21 Chen, Anderson NZL NZLAC133313331489
22 Zhang, Ethan NZL NZLNS133013301267
23 Liu, William Rui NZL NZLNS125012501448
24 Yang, Jerry NZL NZLNS113811381244
25 Zhou, Peter NZL NZLNS112801128

Waiting List

Wait listed players in alphabetical order pending selection to be invited to enter would be published here.

1 Hou, Lucas NZL NZL000
2 Lau, Brillion Yan Jun NZL NZL128812881217
3 Le Grange, Rauen RSA RSAWT164416441889
4 Lian, Leo Yitao NZL NZLAC124712471301
5 Macdonald, Paul NZL NZLAC185718572011
6 Mistry, Prashant NZL NZLHA182418241943
7 McDougall, Euan NZL NZLAC179317931989
8 Mukkattu, Philip NZL NZLAC158015801811
9 Perrin, Brent ENG ENGWE179017901859
10 Somaraju, Sai Vivan Karthikeya NZL NZLAC130613061363
11 Zhang, Franklyn NZL NZLAC10541054856
12 Zhang, Kendrick Botong NZL NZLNS179817982031

Round Robin pairings for all 9 rounds

Expected to be available from Saturday 25th September 2021.

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Live Broadcast

Live broadcast link(s) would be published here.

Photos available from

(When Available)


Prizewinners would be listed here.


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