North Shore Secondary Interschools 2022 is a qualifying event for NZCF National Interschool Chess Championship. The winner will represent North Shore in the Secondary division.

North Shore Secondary Interschools 2022

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North Shore Secondary Interschools 2022

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North Shore Secondary Interschools 2022 would be held at Carmel College on 15th August 2022. This is a qualifying event for the New Zealand Chess Federation (NZCF) National Interschool Chess Championship. The winner will represent North Shore in the Secondary division.



North Shore Secondary Interschools 2022

Gold: Westlake A
CM Richard Meng, Jeffrey Yu, Eddie Kim, & Bevis Jiang

Silver: Takapuna Grammar A
Daniel Wang, Samuel Moffitt, Hayden Steele, Qixuan Liang, & Stephen Weng

Bronze: Rangitoto A
CM Felix Xie, Andrew Li, Allen Li, Zachary Yu, & Ming Ray Goy

Medal for a score of 6/6:
Eddie Kim, Westlake A

Westlake qualifies for the National Finals and for the Auckland Finals (if held).

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COVID-19 banner

COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Lights) for Auckland must be at Orange or Green for this event to proceed.

North Shore Interschools COVID-19 policies :

  1. Operating only in NZ Covid Protection Framework (Traffic Lights) Orange or Green. Cancelled in Red.
  2. Masks that cover the nose and mouth must be worn by everyone at all times when indoors.


These COVID-19 policies are to meet or exceed NZ government recommendations in order to keep everybody at the event as safe as reasonably possible.

Additionally, current New Zealand government COVID-19 regulations or policies will also apply.

It is possible that any tournament may be cancelled or otherwise affected by other disruptions. Please understand the difficulties in staging events during the pandemic.

Entry Details

Entry Fees

$60 per team.

Entry Instructions

Entries close 5pm 8th August 2022.

The entry fee of $60 per team must be paid by the school to North Shore Chess Club before the event.

Please pay online to ASB account 12-3008-0301266-00. Invoices and/or receipts can be provided on request.

Use online entry form to enter.

Submit multiple entry forms if more than 2 teams per school.

Email further enquiries to the organiser, Dr. Helen Milligan at [email protected]

Information Required

  • Name of school.
  • School’s chess contact’s name and email address.
  • Team(s) supervisor’s name and email address (if different).
  • Number of teams entered (name teams as Team A, Team B,…)
  • List of players in each team with players NZCF or FIDE ID codes (Date of Birth if not known).


The above information would be requested by the online entry form.

All entries will be acknowledged and listed (in VegaTeam or Orion files).

Alternatively, entries may be sent to The Secretary, North Shore Chess Club, P.O.Box 33-587, Takapuna, Auckland 0740, or may be emailed to the organiser Helen Milligan at [email protected] so long as all the information is provided.

Event Information

This is a qualifying event for the 2022 NZCF National Interschool Championship, 1st and 2nd October 2022. The winner will represent North Shore, Auckland, in the Secondary division.

If 20 or more teams compete, a second school will qualify; if 30 or more teams compete, a third school will qualify. Qualifiers will be determined by tiebreak if necessary.

Summarised information available in North Shore Chess Club Interschools webpage or printable PDF brochure.


Monday 15th August 2022


Carmel College

108 Shakespeare Road, Milford.


A 6-round swiss-system event for teams of four players (with optional reserve) from years 9 to 13 from the same school. The games will be FIDE rated where possible. Players should be ranked in order of playing strength; the order must be declared before the start of the event and must not change during the event. Furthermore, players in team A should be stronger than those in team B, and so on. Note that teams may be paired against another team from the same school.

Adult Support

Visiting school teams must have an adult (teacher, parent, or guardian) present to supervise them. Teams which arrive without such a supervisor will not be allowed to take part. Teams whose supervisor leaves during the event will be withdrawn from the pairings.

Time Controls

15 minutes per player plus an increment of 5 seconds per move. Digital chess clocks will be used.


Teams need to sign in before 9:00am on the day of the tournament. A players’ meeting will follow and we should start at about 9:15am. There will be a break for lunch and we aim to finish by 2:30pm.


First three teams will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals, which will be individually engraved with each player’s name and sent, with certificates, to school Principals after the event, for presentation at Assembly. Those players who score 6/6 will also receive medals and certificates. If there is a trophy, it will be engraved and delivered to the winning school.


Chief Organiser: Dr. Helen Milligan

Chief Arbiter: IA Helen Milligan


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