Estonian Rapid 2023 is a 6 round chess tournament organised by the Wellington Chess Club to be held on 25th November 2023.

Estonian Rapid 2023

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Estonian Rapid 2023

Estonian Rapid 2023 is a 6 round chess tournament held on Saturday 25th November 2023. Organised by the Wellington Chess Club to be held at 17 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, Wellington.



Position Points Player
1st 5.5/6 Cohen Young
2nd equal 5/6 IM Anthony F Ker
2nd equal 5/6 Ryan Winter
2nd equal 5/6 FM Ben Hague
2nd equal 5/6 Thomas Van der Hoorn

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Entry Details

Entry Fees

$40 Adults.

$30 Juniors (born 2003 or later).

Entry Instructions

Pay entry fee to club’s bank account 06 0582 0096726 00. Put your name under ‘particulars’ and “Estonian” under ‘reference’.

Use online entry form to enter.

New Zealand chess players who participate in more than one NZCF rated event in a year must be a member of a chess club that is affiliated or associated with NZCF (New Zealand Chess Federation). The Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club offers memberships that fulfill this requirement from just $15.

Event Information

Summarised information available in printable PDF brochure.

Estonian Rapid 2023 is an inaugural annual rapid chess tournament organised by Bill Forster of the Wellington Chess Club. The name is explained below:

A note about the name: The name is just a little bit of whimsy. One day perhaps we will have an Open Rapid in Wellington as popular as the Latvian Rapid in Auckland. It also serves to tip the hat to New Zealand’s own Mr Chess, the late IM Ortvin Sarapu, 20 times New Zealand champion.


Saturday 25th November 2023


Wellington Bridge Club exterior front view
Wellington Bridge Club

17 Tinakori Road, Thorndon, Wellington.

Travel Arrangements


Open to all players.


Single 6 round Swiss tournament, NZCF rated where possible.

Time Controls

25 minutes each player plus 5 seconds increment per move from move one.


Start Time
Players' meeting 9am
Round 1 9.30am
Round 2 10.40am
Round 3 11.50am
Lunch Break 1pm
Round 4 2pm
Round 5 3.10pm
Round 6 4.20pm

Prize Fund

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a junior prize. Other prizes are possible depending on entries. Value of prize fund to be determined by entries.


Chief Organiser: Bill Forster, phone: +64 21 357371.

Chief Arbiter: Bill Forster


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