Final Standings of Queensland Seniors Chess Championship 2021 held at Saint Josephs Primary School staff room, Bracken Ridge.

Queensland Seniors Chess Championship 2021

St Josephs Braken Ridge exterior

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Queensland Seniors Chess Championship 2021

Queensland Seniors Chess Championship 2021 is a chess tournament held from Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th October 2021 at the staff room of Saint Josephs Primary School, Bracken Ridge, Queensland.

Co – Senior Champions for 2021 are Allan Fossey, John Myers, Tony Dowden (NZL) and Oleg Korenevski. All scored 4.5/6 points.

It was a very competitive and hard fought Queensland Seniors Chess Championship 2021, with some games going well over two and a half hours! Thanks to all the players for coming along, Gail Young from the QWCL for organizing the event once again and Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Bracken Ridge for hosting the event as usual.

Event Information

Summarised information available in printable PDF brochure.


Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October 2021


St Josephs Braken Ridge exterior
Saint Josephs Catholic Primary School

30 Eldorado Street, Bracken Ridge, Queensland.

Time Controls

60 minutes each player plus 10 seconds increment per move from move one.


Rounds 1 and 4, 9.30am each day.

Rounds 2 and 5, 12.30pm each day.

Rounds 3 and 6, 3.30pm each day.

Times may vary dependent on play.

Prize Fund

1st $200

2nd $175

3rd $150

Veteran’s Prize $100


If scores are tied, the prize money and title will be shared.

Players can win only one prize.

The title can only be won by a Queensland player.


Organised by Queensland Women’s Chess League.

Arbiters: NA Gail Young, NA Mark Stokes

Photos available from


1st equal:

Allan Fossey, John Myers, Tony Dowden(NZL), Oleg Korenevski. (4.5/6) Queensland Senior Chess Champions 2021.

5th equal:

George Warta, Bruce Holliday, Tony Weller. (4/6)

8th equal:

Peter Cronin and Paul Summers. (3.5/6)

10th equal:

George Lester, Don Hamilton, Rex Scarf, Craig Stewart. (3/6)

14th equal:

Mathew Juszczynski, David Haylett, Mark C Stokes, Aurel-John Buciu, Eddie Ottschoffski. (2.5/6)

19th equal:

Bruce Littleboy, Jim Ritchie. (2/6)


Rob Joyce. (1.5/6)

22nd equal:

Louis Willemse, Peter Bender. (1/6)


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