George Trundle 2021 comprises 4 round robin tournaments with 10 players each held from 10th to 18th July at Auckland Chess Centre.

George Trundle 2021

Auckland Chess Centre exterior view January 2021

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George Trundle 2021

George Trundle 2021 is a chess event comprising 4 separate individual single round robin tournaments. Held from Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th July 2021 at the Auckland Chess Centre. Each George Trundle 2021 tournament has 9 rounds with 10 players each. Tournaments are the Masters, Qualifiers, Reserves and Talents.

Entry Details

Entry Fees

$100 per player.

Entry Instructions

Automatic entry to first 20 players. (Automatic Entry FULL)

Subsequent players would be placed in waiting list before being selected to be invited to enter. Waiting List players should not pay entry fees until after invitations are confirmed. (Waiting list removed once event has started)

Club account for payment:12-3011-0713528-00 (state name & “TrundleRR”).

Use online entry form to submit entry application.

Event Information

Summarised information available in printable PDF brochure.


Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th July 2021


Auckland Chess Centre exterior view January 2021

Auckland Chess Centre, 17 Cromwell Street, Mt Eden, Auckland.


Open to all players.

Non-NZL players must have FIDE ID issued by their chess federation.

NZL players without FIDE ID must provide full Date of Birth.

Automatic entry to first 20 players.

Subsequent players would be placed in waiting list before being selected to be invited to enter.


4 separate 9 round Single Round Robin tournaments.

40 players would be sorted according to rating before being placed into each tournament. 1st 10 in Masters, 2nd 10 in Qualifiers, 3rd 10 in Reserves and final 10 in Talents. Ratings used would be July 2021 FIDE standard ratings. Players without FIDE standard ratings would be sorted with NZCF standard ratings then NZCF rapid ratings and finally other available ratings.

Players would be seeded at random within each tournament.

Time Controls

90 minutes each player plus 30 minutes at move 40, with 30 seconds increment per move from move one.


Start Time Day & Date
Players meeting 1.45pm Saturday 10th July 2021
Round 1 2pm Saturday 10th July 2021
Round 2 2pm Sunday 11th July 2021
Round 3 2pm Monday 12th July 2021
Round 4 2pm Tuesday 13th July 2021
Round 5 2pm Wednesday 14th July 2021
Round 6 2pm Thursday 15th July 2021
Round 7 2pm Friday 16th July 2021
Round 8 2pm Saturday 17th July 2021
Round 9 2pm Sunday 18th July 2021

Prize Fund


Highest scoring NZ player in Masters wins the George Trundle Trophy for 2021.


  • In the event of a tie, prize money will be shared.

Flights and Accommodation


Chief Organiser: IO Mike Steadman

Chief Arbiter: IA Keong Ang

Deputy Arbiter: FA Tingling (Lynn) Wei

Eboard Technician: Timothy Ha


Round Robin pairings for all 9 rounds

Vega Webpage View

Live Broadcast

Live broadcast by Auckland Chess Centre. All tournaments board 1 plus Masters board 2 are in the same broadcast.

Photos available from


Position Points Player
1st 7/9 IM Paul Anthony Garbett
2nd 6.5/9 FM Alphaeus Wei Ern Ang
3rd equal 5.5/9 FM Michael V R Steadman
3rd equal 5.5/9 CM David Cilia Vincenti
1st 7.5/9 CM Richard Meng
2nd 6/9 CM Alex Nagorski
3rd equal 5.5/9 CM Hilton Bennett
3rd equal 5.5/9 FM Robert Gibbons
1st 8/9 Aaron Ziwen Wang
2nd 6.5/9 Zachary Yu
3rd equal 5/9 Simon Lyall
3rd equal 5/9 WCM Nadia Braganza
1st 7/9 Lucas Barnett-Harris
2nd equal 6.5/9 Emily Gan
2nd equal 6.5/9 David Junyang Zhu


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