A popular chess event that is part of the more than decade old New Zealand Chess Federation initiative to encourage girls to try chess in an all girl environment. Also an important fundraiser for Waitakere Chess Club. One day event with 3 separate 6 round swiss rapid chess tournaments.

Auckland Girls Chess Championship 2020

Mt Albert War Memorial Hall exterior photo

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Auckland Girls Chess Championship 2020

NOW: 9am to 2.30pm Friday 6th November 2020

WAS: 9am to 2.30pm Friday 4th September 2020

Entry Details

Entry Fees

$17.50 per player.

Entry Instructions

Entries close Monday 2nd November 2020.

Club account for payment: 02-0152-0036627-00

Reference: Auckland Girls Particulars: Your Name

Use online entry form to enter.

Entries Received

List of entries by age group and by school.

Event Information

Summarised information available in printable PDF brochure.


NOW: 9am to 2.30pm Friday 6th November 2020

WAS: 9am to 2.30pm Friday 4th September 2020


Mt Albert War Memorial Hall exterior photo
Mount Albert War Memorial Hall

751-761 New North Road, Mount Albert, Auckland.


Open to all schoolgirls under the age of 18 before 1st January 2020.


Three separate 6 round tournaments in age groups: Over 12, Under 12, and Under 10 years.

Time Controls

15 minutes, plus 5 seconds per move for each player per game.


Start Time
Players Meeting 9am
Round 1 9.10am
Round 2 10am
Round 3 10.50am
Round 4 11.40am
Lunch break
Round 5 12.45pm
Round 6 1.35pm

Please arrive on time as the first round will start at 9.10am sharp. Other round times are guidelines only, and may be brought forward if rounds finish early.


A canteen will be operating providing drinks and snacks, but students should bring their own lunches.


Auckland age group titles will be awarded for:

  • Under 18
  • Under 16
  • Under 14
  • Under 12
  • Under 10
  • Under 8

Ages at 1st January 2020. At least 3 players required in each age group for title.

Winners will be acknowledged on the day. Trophies and medals for placegetters, plus participation certificates for all players will be posted to schools as soon as possible after the event.



Ranked Crosstables

Over 12 Crosstable
1Layne AlmonteU14St Dominic's Catholic College5.516:W22:W6:W4:D5:W2:W
2Sylvia McDougallU16Mt Roskill Grammar531:+12:W3:W5:W4:W1:L
3Maya AliU14Mt Roskill Intermediate513:W7:W2:L18:W15:W6:W
4Celia ChanwongU16Mt Roskill Grammar4.529:W9:W14:W1:D2:L10:W
5Crystal ChanwongU18Mt Roskill Grammar410:W17:W15:W2:L1:L9:W
6Jillian BunquinU14St Dominic's Catholic College430:W18:W1:L17:W14:W3:L
7Fatemeh KarimiU14One Tree Hill College411:W3:L8:W14:L16:W17:W
8Ocean DawberU14Waikowhai Intermediate427:W15:L7:L0:W19:W14:W
9Jessica KirbyU14Glen Eden Intermediate3.520:W4:L21:W11:D12:W5:L
10Amber NeilniliU14One Tree Hill College3.55:L19:W12:D22:W11:W4:L
11Anjoelina PereseU14The Gardens School3.57:L23:W16:W9:D10:L15:W
12Chloe YaoU14Waikowhai Intermediate3.519:W2:L10:D23:W9:L22:W
13Faith ScottU14James Cook High School3.53:L28:D22:L29:W24:W23:W
14Francesca JonesU14St Dominic's Catholic College321:W26:W4:L7:W6:L8:L
15Gabriella MiddletonU14Glen Eden Intermediate328:W8:W5:L24:W3:L11:L
16Katrine EskanderU14James Cook High School31:L27:W11:L20:W7:L25:W
17Ashlee ShawU14The Gardens School30:W5:L25:W6:L26:W7:L
18Magenta FaueaU16One Tree Hill College325:W6:L26:W3:L27:W20:L
19Sophie de GraafU14Glen Eden Intermediate312:L10:L30:W21:W8:L0:W
20Abbey HusbandU14Manurewa Intermediate39:L24:L29:W16:L28:W18:W
21Moana-Lee PulefolauU14Manurewa Intermediate314:L29:W9:L19:L30:W26:W
22Aigaosaoai BrownU18James Cook High School2.523:D1:L13:W10:L25:W12:L
23Mikayla VickeryU14Glen Eden Intermediate2.522:D11:L28:W12:L0:W13:L
24Ivy VermaU14Mt Roskill Intermediate2.526:L20:W0:D15:L13:L30:W
25Puneet KaurU14The Gardens School218:L0:W17:L27:W22:L16:L
26Abigail LiangU14The Gardens School224:W14:L18:L28:W17:L21:L
27Esther ScottU14James Cook High School28:L16:L0:W25:L18:L29:W
28Aimee TaylorU14The Gardens School1.515:L13:D23:L26:L20:L0:W
29Serenity Pask-EgginsU14James Cook High School14:L21:L20:L13:L0:W27:L
30Alexandra WilliamsU14The Gardens School16:L0:L19:L0:W21:L24:L
Under 12 Crosstable
1Anya ThurnerU12ACG Sunderland5.535:W10:W3:W2:W9:W5:D
2Rui Chen WangU12Takapuna Normal Intermediate538:W36:W8:W1:L7:W9:W
3Charlotte RayU12Diocesan School For Girls543:W31:W1:L24:W10:W11:W
4Weiyang YuU12Newmarket School523:W33:W6:L28:W20:W8:W
5Yolanda ChangU12ACG Sunderland4.530:W11:W7:D19:W6:D1:D
6Tyleah Po'e-TofaeonoU12St Cuthbert's College (Epsom)4.515:W21:W4:W9:L5:D16:W
7Alexandra ShanU12Willow Park School4.526:W34:W5:D27:W2:L15:W
8Sarah SunU12Willow Park School440:W12:W2:L21:W13:W4:L
9Selina HuangU12Arahoe School428:W25:W19:W6:W1:L2:L
10Allie O'CallaghanU12Waikowhai Intermediate439:W1:L17:W31:W3:L20:W
11Gloria ZhuU12Somerville Intermediate School432:W5:L23:W35:W12:W3:L
12Shivani MuruganU12Arahoe School441:W8:L14:W30:W11:L27:W
13Isla WangU12Mellons Bay School420:W27:L35:W32:W8:L19:W
14Emily DrakeU12The Gardens School422:W19:L12:L34:W31:W21:W
15Rosie YangU12Farm Cove Intermediate3.56:L32:W16:D36:W27:W7:L
16Safiya SahebU12Mt Roskill Intermediate3.531:L29:W15:D22:W24:W6:L
17Jamie-Lee ChandraU12The Gardens School3.519:L42:W10:L33:W18:D28:W
18Grace KimU12Mt Roskill Intermediate3.525:L20:L38:W42:W17:D29:W
19Nithya AnegondiU12Hillsborough School317:W14:W9:L5:L23:W13:L
20Dania SadiqU12Mt Roskill Intermediate313:L18:W22:W29:W4:L10:L
21Kelly ChenU12Waikowhai Intermediate342:W6:L33:W8:L26:W14:L
22Mari Kawawada-MacKayU12Freemans Bay School314:L0:W20:L16:L32:W38:W
23Vivian YangU12St Dominic's Catholic College34:L41:W11:L37:W19:L36:W
24Shreya HarakhU12The Gardens School333:L26:W34:W3:L16:L31:W
25Mia MerrickU12Good Shepherd School (Balmoral318:W9:L27:L39:D37:D33:W
26Neveah DickU12Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripo37:L24:L39:W41:W21:L37:W
27Faith-Maria Samuela-TuhuaU12Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripo2.529:D13:W25:W7:L15:L12:L
28Ella CheshireU12Fruitvale Road School2.59:L43:W37:D4:L30:W17:L
29Alicia StoryU12Fruitvale Road School2.527:D16:L40:W20:L43:W18:L
30Marlah PulefolauU12Manurewa Intermediate2.55:L40:D41:W12:L28:L43:W
31Eva-Rose InamataU12Mt Roskill Intermediate216:W3:L36:W10:L14:L24:L
32Angel Tesimale OnofiaU12Fruitvale Road School211:L15:L43:W13:L22:L0:W
33Janeilla KetataU12Hillsborough School224:W4:L21:L17:L35:W25:L
34Amber-Serene BurnettU12Manurewa Intermediate20:W7:L24:L14:L36:L40:W
35Harriet DrakeU12The Gardens School21:L39:W13:L11:L33:L42:W
36Millie Henry DouglasU12Fruitvale Road School237:W2:L31:L15:L34:W23:L
37Aurora ForsythU12Fruitvale Road School236:L38:W28:D23:L25:D26:L
38Hayley Barber-GrayU12Glen Eden Intermediate22:L37:L18:L40:W42:W22:L
39Jade ParataU12Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripo1.50:L35:L26:L25:D40:L41:W
40Yinuo CaiU12Somerville Intermediate School1.58:L30:D29:L38:L39:W34:L
41Fatema HamzaU12Mt Roskill Intermediate112:L23:L30:L26:L0:W39:L
42Ruby GrayU12Good Shepherd School (Balmoral121:L17:L0:W18:L38:L35:L
43Adara KaurU12The Gardens School13:L28:L32:L0:W29:L30:L
Under 10 Crosstable
1Lauren NgU10Diocesan School For Girls5.545:W4:W24:W13:W2:W5:D
2Tracy TangU10Botany Downs School544:W17:W3:W11:W1:L8:W
3Alina ChenU10Pigeon Mountain School527:W18:W2:L33:W14:W13:W
4Adele ZhouU10St Cuthbert's College (Epsom)540:W1:L27:W35:W16:W11:W
5Sophia FengU10ACG Sunderland553:W52:W15:W12:W8:D1:D
6Vonara PathiranageU08Warkworth School537:W32:W31:W8:L19:W10:W
7Emily GanU10Milford School (Auckland)554:W23:W10:L32:W24:W15:W
8Annie YueU10Pigeon Mountain School4.59:W46:W30:W6:W5:D2:L
9Laura YangU10Sunnyhills School4.58:L51:W23:D61:W30:W25:W
10Nicole ZhaoU10New Windsor school473:W26:W7:W16:L12:W6:L
11Kaylie ChenU10Willow Park School443:W33:W14:W2:L17:W4:L
12Annie Zi Yue YeU10Sunnyhills School419:W21:W16:W5:L10:L38:W
13Sandra HouU08Sancta Maria Catholic Primary465:W38:W28:W1:L21:W3:L
14Kayal NayaU08Albany School471:W22:W11:L20:W3:L32:W
15Sophia LiuU10Diocesan School For Girls457:W55:W5:L18:W29:W7:L
16Grace FuU10Point View School460:W34:W12:L10:W4:L33:W
17Sissi JinU08Cockle Bay School425:W2:L37:W56:W11:L30:W
18Ellie WangU10Bucklands Beach Primary School450:W3:L42:W15:L39:W35:W
19Miu Miu JinU10ACG Sunderland412:L67:W53:W31:W6:L36:W
20Valmalani MacdonaldU10Hillsborough School441:W31:L55:W14:L47:W37:W
21Alice WeiU10Upper Harbour Primary School463:W12:L58:W52:W13:L34:W
22Michelle ChenU10Diocesan School For Girls472:W14:L47:W29:L54:W40:W
23Olivia LiU06Point View School3.542:W7:L9:D25:L46:W29:W
24Herahinekio AfemataU10Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripo3.559:W47:W1:L36:W7:L26:D
25Angela Liu Zhi QiU10Whangarei School3.517:L65:D59:W23:W28:W9:L
26Katie FengU08ACG Sunderland3.539:W10:L29:L57:W41:W24:D
27Adalyn TaoU10Diocesan School For Girls3.53:L50:W4:L48:D71:W45:W
28Alyssa Wanru YuanU10St Cuthbert's College (Epsom)3.549:D29:W13:L45:W25:L52:W
29Carol WangU06Arahoe School336:W28:L26:W22:W15:L23:L
30Apple LuU08St Cuthbert's College (Epsom)361:W35:W8:L38:W9:L17:L
31Anya GuptaU10Freemans Bay School348:W20:W6:L19:L33:L55:W
32Sophia NgU10Diocesan School For Girls368:W6:L63:W7:L53:W14:L
33Lisa ShiU08St Cuthbert's College (Epsom)369:W11:L66:W3:L31:W16:L
34Mallory Zhiqi EngU10Cornwall Park District School364:W16:L49:D39:D43:W21:L
35Meera PednekarU10Mt Roskill Primary School367:W30:L44:W4:L55:W18:L
36Ryann ZhouU10Diocesan School For Girls329:L41:W48:W24:L56:W19:L
37Shresta ReddyU10Arahoe School36:L68:W17:L72:W52:W20:L
38Lainia GalikiU08Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripo366:W13:L60:W30:L44:W12:L
39Reeya CuiU08Diocesan School For Girls326:L73:W46:D34:D18:L54:W
40Sophia HendersonU08Diocesan School For Girls34:L45:D71:D58:W48:W22:L
41Sophia EmilyU10Bailey Road School320:L36:L50:W71:W26:L53:W
42Bana QasemU08Mt Roskill Primary323:L54:W18:L43:L57:W61:W
43Felicia TibblesU10Good Shepherd School (Balmoral311:L69:W52:L42:W34:L56:W
44Ella JeonU10Point View Primary32:L72:W35:L64:W38:L59:W
45Rima Al-KufashyU10Freemans Bay School2.51:L40:D62:W28:L49:W27:L
46Patience Nathan-KatipaU10Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripo2.50:L8:L39:D49:W23:L64:W
47Sahithi SomarajuU08Point View School2.556:W24:L22:L63:W20:L50:D
48Sevda BashiriU10Fruitvale Road School2.531:L62:W36:L27:D40:L66:W
49Megan ChenU10Point View School2.528:D58:D34:D46:L45:L70:W
50Gabrielle YanU08City Impact Church School2.518:L27:L41:L74:W63:W47:D
51Zenobia MenziesU08Diocesan School For Girls2.546:L9:L67:W53:L60:W58:D
52Betty HailuU10Fruitvale Road School274:W5:L43:W21:L37:L28:L
53Natalie NaullsU10Freemans Bay School25:L74:W19:L51:W32:L41:L
54Eva BaeU10Point View Primary27:L42:L68:W66:W22:L39:L
55Elise YongU08Hillsborough School270:W15:L20:L60:W35:L31:L
56Angelia QiaoU06Botany Downs School247:L57:W65:W17:L36:L43:L
57Mokapule PaongoU10New Windsor215:L56:L69:W26:L42:L71:W
58Navayah VianeU08Hillsborough School262:D49:D21:L40:L64:D51:D
59Braelyn RussellU10Freemans Bay School224:L71:D25:L73:D62:W44:L
60Aisling ByrneU10Good Shepherd School (Balmoral216:L64:W38:L55:L51:L72:W
61Abigail CosgroveU10ACG Sunderland230:L66:L74:W9:L72:W42:L
62Daniella SoU06Arahoe School258:D48:L45:L65:D59:L73:W
63Eliza WeldenU10Freemans Bay School1.521:L70:W32:L47:L50:L69:D
64Emily WangU10Diocesan School1.534:L60:L73:W44:L58:D46:L
65Ella WangU10Hillsborough School1.513:L25:D56:L62:D66:D68:-
66Tessa O'CallaghanU10Hillsborough Primary1.538:L61:W33:L54:L65:D48:L
67Penny LindsayU10Freemans Bay School1.535:L19:L51:L69:D70:L74:W
68Katie ZhangU08Diocesan School For Girls1.532:L37:L54:L70:D74:W65:-
69Alice JungU08Diocesan School For Girls1.50:L43:L57:L67:D73:D63:D
70Tiffany WangU06Marina View School1.555:L63:L72:L68:D67:W49:L
71Sarah TranU10Point View School114:L59:D40:D41:L27:L57:L
72Meteka Mia NgatokoruaU10Bailey Road School122:L44:L70:W37:L61:L60:L
73Madison Jessie BrownU10Fruitvale Road School110:L39:L64:L59:D69:D62:L
74Vinnie-Scarlett TaparaeU08Bailey Road School052:L53:L61:L50:L68:L67:L


Open (over 12 years old)
1st5.5/6Layne AlmonteSt Dominic's Catholic College
2nd equal5/6Sylvia McDougallMt Roskill Grammar
2nd equal5/6Maya AliMt Roskill Intermediate
Under 16
1st5/6Sylvia McDougallMt Roskill Grammar
2nd4.5/6Celia ChanwongMt Roskill Grammar
3rd3/6Magenta FaueaOne Tree Hill College
Under 14
1st5.5/6Layne AlmonteSt Dominic's Catholic College
2nd5/6Maya AliMt Roskill Intermediate
3rd equal4/6Jillian BunquinSt Dominic's Catholic College
3rd equal4/6Fatemeh KarimiOne Tree Hill College
3rd equal4/6Ocean DawberWaikowhai Intermediate
Under 12 section
1st5.5/6Anya ThurnerACG Sunderland
2nd equal5/6Rui Chen WangTakapuna Normal Intermediate
2nd equal5/6Charlotte RayDiocesan School for Girls
2nd equal5/6Weiyan YuNewmarket School
Under 10 section
1st5.5/6Lauren NgDiocesan School for Girls
2nd equal5Tracy TangBotany Downs School
2nd equal5/6Alina ChenPigeon Mountain School
2nd equal5/6Adele ZhouSt Cuthbert's College
2nd equal5/6Sophia FengACG Sunderland
2nd equal5/6Vonara PathiranageWarkworth School
2nd equal5/6Emily GanMilford School
Under 8
1st5/6Vonara PathiranageWarkworth School
2nd equal4/6Sandra HouSancta Maria Catholic Primary
2nd equal4/6Kayal NayaAlbany School
2nd equal4/6Sissi JinCockle Bay School
Under 6
1st3.5/6Olivia LiPoint View School
2nd3/6Carol WangArahoe School
3rd equal2/6Angelia QiaoBotany Downs School
3rd equal2/6Daniella SoArahoe School


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Auckland Girls Chess Championship 2020

Mt Albert War Memorial Hall exterior photo



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