43rd Trusts Chess Open 2021 is a 6 round chess tournament held from 5th to 7th June 2021 at the Te Pai Centre, Henderson, Auckland.

43rd Trusts Open 2021

Te Pai Centre front

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43rd Trusts Open 2021

43rd Trusts Chess Open 2021 is a 6 round chess tournament held from 5th to 7th June 2021 at the Te Pai Centre, Henderson, Auckland.

Entry Details

Entry Fees

Tournament By 29th May 2021 Late
A grade $60 $70
B grade $60 $70
C grade $60 $70
Junior grade $45 $50
GMs and IMs Free $10

Free entry for GMs and IMs, but a $60 entry fee will be deducted from prizes of $100 or more.

Family discount, deduct $5 per player for 2 or more family members.

Entries must be paid by 29th May 2021 or will be treated as late entries.

Entry Instructions

No entries accepted after 4th June 2021.

Unpaid entries will be treated as late entries after 29th May 2021 and must be fully paid by 9am 5th June 2021.

Club account for payment: 02 0152 0036627 00 (Reference: “Trusts Open” and selected tournament grade. Particulars: Your Name).

Use Waitakere Chess Club’s online entry form to enter.

Event Information

Summarised information available in printable PDF brochure.


Thursday 6th & Saturday 8th February 2021


Te Pai Centre front

Te Pai Centre, Cnr Lincoln Road & Te Pai Place, Henderson, Auckland.


Open to all players.

Non-NZL players must have FIDE ID issued by their chess federation.

NZL players without FIDE ID must provide full Date of Birth.

Players rated between 1800 and 1999 can enter either the A or B grade tournaments. Other players can enter a tournament higher than their rating, but the organisers reserve the right to move them if they feel they have entered and inappropriate one.


Four separate 6 round Swiss tournaments.

  1. A grade, players rated 1800 and above.
  2. B grade, players rated from 1500 to 1999.
  3. C grade, players rated under 1500.
  4. Junior grade, players aged under 12 years before 1 January 2021 and rated under 1200.


A grade and B grade tournaments NZCF & FIDE rated where possible.

C grade and Junior grade tournaments only NZCF rated where possible.

Time Controls

90 minutes each player plus 30 seconds increment per move from move one.


Start Time Day & Date
Round 1 9.30am Saturday 5th June 2021
Round 2 2pm Saturday 5th June 2021
Round 3 9.30am Sunday 6th June 2021
Round 4 2pm Sunday 6th June 2021
Round 5 9.30am Monday 7th June 2021
Round 6 2pm Monday 7th June 2021

Players are asked to report by 9am Saturday 5th June 2021.

The prizegiving will be held as soon as possible after the last game of Round 6.

Prize Fund

Tournament 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
A grade $700 $500 $350 $200
6 wins bonus $150
Rating prize 1/3 $75
Rating prize 2/3 $75
Rating prize 3/3 $75
Biggest Upset per round $10
B grade $350 $250 $150
6 wins bonus $100
Rating prize 1/3 $50
Rating prize 2/3 $50
Rating prize 3/3 $50
Biggest Upset per round $10
C grade $200 $150 $100
6 wins bonus $50
Rating prize 1/3 $40
Rating prize 2/3 $40
Rating prize 3/3 $40
Biggest Upset per round $10
Junior grade $150 $100 $75
Under 10 years $50 $25
Under 8 years $50 $25
Best Game $100

GM Murray Chandler has kindly agreed to judge the Best Game prize. Players must submit gaems either during the event, or by email to the organiser, Bob Smith [email protected] by 21st June 2021.

Positive Chess

Agreed draws under 30 moves are not permitted.

First breach – loss of 50% of any prize money.

Second breach – loss of 100% of any prize money.


Complimentary coffee, tea and chilled water will be available throughtout

Dinner may be purchased at the nearby Quality Hotel Lincoln Green. There are also many places where meals can be purchased along Lincoln Road.

Sponsorship of 43rd Trusts Chess Open 2021

43rd Trusts Chess Open 2021 is made possible with the generous support of the Trusts Community Foundation and the West Auckland Trusts that is gratefully acknowledged.

Flights and Accommodation

Quality Hotel Lincoln Green is offering a discount. Quote “Trusts Chess Open” or group reference 66870 when booking.


Chief Organiser: IO Bob Smith

Chief Arbiter: IA Bruce Pollard

Arbiter: IA Ying Wang


Vega Webpage View

Link to Vega Webpages.

A grade, B grade, C grade, Junior grade.

Live Game Broadcast

Boards 1 to 10 for A grade are broadcast live and may be viewed through DGT Livechess.

Photos available from


Position Points Player
A grade
1st 6/6 IM Brodie McClymont
2nd equal 4.5/6 FM Daniel Hanwen Gong
2nd equal 4.5/6 IM Russell J Dive
4th equal 4/5 FM Allen Chi Zhou Fan
4th equal 4/5 IM Paul A Garbett
4th equal 4/5 IM Anthony F Ker
4th equal 4/5 FM Leonard J McLaren
4th equal and Under 2270 4/5 Nunilon III Fulo
4th equal and Under 2270 4/5 WIM Jasmine Haomo Zhang
4th equal and Under 2270 4/5 FM Robert W Smith
4th equal and Under 2270 4/5 Giovanni A Thornton
Under 2050 3/6 Hao Tang
Under 2050 3/6 J Nigel Metge
Under 1940 3.5/6 Kendrick Botong Zhang
B grade
1st 5/6 Allen Li
2nd equal 4.5/6 Henry Vital
2nd equal 4.5/6 Clinton A Wells
2nd equal 4.5/6 Karl Holdo
2nd equal 4.5/6 Euan McDougall
Under 1820 3.5/6 Philip Mukkattu
Under 1820 3.5/6 Mark Gilmour
Under 1720 4/6 Harry Redwood
Under 1560 3/6 Zikun Kenneth Liu
Under 1560 3/6 Zachary Yu
Under 1560 3/6 Jie Gong
C grade
1st 6/6 Xxavier Willoughby-Ansell
2nd 5/6 Justine Aubrey Cortez
3rd equal 4.5/6 Fergus Lee
3rd equal 4.5/6 Anderson Chen
3rd equal 4.5/6 Eric Mironov
Under 1400 4/6 Bevis Jiang
Under 1245 4/6 Lucas Wang
Under 1245 4/6 Yuchen (Daniel) Shen
Under 1245 4/6 Cole Wright
Under 1000 4/6 Frank Deng
Under 1000 4/6 Joshua Salmon
Junior grade
1st 6/6 Charles Zhang
2nd equal 5/6 Haoran (William) Zhang
2nd equal 5/6 Franklyn Zhang
Under 10 years 4/6 D P Sayuni Rehansi
Under 10 years 4/6 Taoran Ethan Sun
1st Under 8 years 4/6 Richard Liu
2nd Under 8 years 3.5/6 Dexuan (Derek) Meng


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