Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2022 will be held from 14th October to 22nd October 2022 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2022

Auckland Rose Park Hotel exterior view from Parnell Rose Gardens

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Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2022

Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2022 will be held from 14th October to 22nd October 2022 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Results of Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2022


Over 50 Position Points Player
Gold 1st 8/9 IM Gary W Lane
Silver 2nd 7/9 FM Arlan Cabe
Bronze 3rd 6/9 FM Alexei Kulashko
4th equal 5.5/9 IM Anthony F Ker
4th equal 5.5/9 FM Leonard J McLaren
4th equal 5.5/9 CM Benjamin U Lim
Best Woman 4.5/9 CM Helen Milligan
Over 65 Position Points Player
Gold 1st 7.5/9 FM Efren Bagamasbad
Silver 2nd 7/9 Miles Patterson
Bronze 3rd equal 6.5/9 FM Robert W Smith
3rd equal 6.5/9 CM Hilton P Bennett
5th 5.5/9 Anthony L Carpinter
Best Woman 4.5/9 WFM Vivian J Smith
Blitz Position Points Player
Gold 1st 7/9 FM Arlan Cabe
Silver 2nd equal 6.5/9 FM Martin P Dreyer
Bronze 2nd equal 6.5/9 IM Gary W Lane
2nd equal 6.5/9 IM Anthony F Ker

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Links to Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2022 results published on the following Vega Webpages: Over 50, Over 65, Women, Blitz.

Live Game Broadcast

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Event Information

Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2021 regulations also available in printable PDF format.


The New Zealand Chess Federation has the honour to invite all National Chess Federations in Asia to participate in the Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2022 for over-50 and over 65-years old and for Women over- 50, from 14th October (arrival) to 22nd October (departure), which will be held in the Auckland Rose Park Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand.


The Asian Seniors Championship is open to all players, regardless of rating and title, who will have reached the age of 50 or 65 by 31st December 2022, and represent National Chess Federations (FIDE zones 3.1 to 3.7) which are members of FIDE. There is no limit in the number of participants per Federation. In case that there are fewer than 8 players from at least 5 Federations in the over-65 age group, that group will be merged with the over-50 group.


Asian Seniors Chess Championships 2022 entries must be submitted by the respective National Chess Federation on the attached registration form to the Chief Organizer Paul Spiller at [email protected] and NZCF President Nigel Metge at [email protected]

Participants should supply one ID photo together with a clear coloured scanned copy of their passport to the above emails. Registrations close on 30th September 2022. Players should also supply a current email address.

Entry Fees and Registration Fees

Entry fee: Each player must pay 25 USD as an entry fee to the Asian Chess Federation.

Registration fee: Each player must pay 100 USD as a registration fee to the Federation Organizing Committee. It includes registration and accreditation. Registration ends on September 30, 2022. The entry fee and registration fee should be paid by bank transfer simultaneously at the time of registration and at the latest must be received into the NZCF bank account by September 30th, 2022. As reference state name and the word “seniors’. Players whose payment has not been received will not be paired. Players should be present at the Technical Meeting, 15.00 October 15th, in the Parnell Conference room.

Bank details: ANZ Bank, 86-90 Lambton Quay, Wellington 6011

Account Name: New Zealand Chess Federation Inc.

Account Number: 01-0535-0073257-00


BSB: 01-0535


Auckland Rose Park Hotel exterior view from Parnell Rose Gardens

Auckland Rose Park Hotel, 92–102 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland.

Accommodation reservations and payments shall be the responsibility of each individual player. Accommodation has been reserved at the venue, the Auckland Rose Park Hotel, 92 – 102 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland 1151. A number of standard and superior rooms have been reserved as follows: Standard Queen room @ $110 NZD per night; Standard Twin room @ $110 NZD per night; Superior Twin room @ $130 NZD per night; Superior King room @ $130 NZD per night. Note that these rooms should be booked well in advance directly with the Hotel, quoting group booking #72148. You can contact the Rose Park Hotel as follows: Ph +6493773619; Fax +6493033716; Contact the Reservations manager Rachael Bell at email: [email protected]

The hotel website:

Rooms may be released from reservation by the hotel if not booked at least one month in advance.

A full breakfast at a cost of $20 NZD is available to players in the restaurant. All meals remain the responsibility of
individual players. The hotel restaurant menu can be viewed via the website and efforts will be made to suit individual
food requirements if required.

Tournament System and Rate of Play

The tournament will be played as a 9 round Swiss System. The FIDE laws of chess shall apply. The time control for Standard chess is 90 minutes each for the whole game, with 30 seconds increment per move from the first move. Default time is 30 minutes after starting time. Time control for Blitz chess is 3 minutes plus 2 seconds increment per move.

Tie-Break System

The order of the players that finish with the same number of points shall be determined by the application of the following tie-break procedures in sequence, proceeding from (a) to (b) to (c) to (d) and to (e).

(a)  Direct Encounter
(b)  Buccholz
(c)  Buccholz Cut 1
(d)  Buccholz Cut 2
(e)  Sonnenborn Berger

In case the tie is still not broken, one Armageddon blitz game between the top two shall decide.

Note: All players having the same number of points will share their money prizes equally. The Tie-Break system will be used for ranking and medal distribution.

Tournament Schedule

A half-day tour of some Auckland sights may be arranged for interested players on Monday morning. Details to be announced during the tournament.

The tournament will be held from October 14 – 22, 2022 as follows:

Day/Date Event Time
Friday 14th October Arrival All day
Saturday 15th October Technical Meeting 15.00
Saturday 15th October Opening Ceremony 15.30
Saturday 15th October Round 1 16.00
Sunday 16th October Round 2 10.00
Sunday 16th October Round 3 16.00
Monday 17th October Round 4 16.00
Tuesday 18th October Round 5 10.00
Tuesday 18th October Round 6 16.00
Wednesday 19th October Round 7 10.00
Wednesday 19th October Blitz Championship 17.00
Thursday 20th October Round 8 10.00
Friday 21st October Round 9 10.00
Friday 21st October Closing Ceremony 16.00
Saturday 22nd October Departure All day

Chief Arbiter and Appeals Committee

The Asian Chess Federation President shall appoint the Chief Arbiter and Chairman of Appeals. The Appeals Committee shall consist of three members and two reserves representing five different federations.


A protest against a decision of an Arbiter must be submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter within 15 minutes after the end of the relevant playing session. In submitting a protest, a protest fee of USD $200.00 (Two Hundred Dollars) shall be paid to the Appeals Committee, which is refundable if the protest is upheld. The Appeals Committee, however, may decide to refund the fee if it considers that the appeal was not frivolous. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding immediately. No appeals are possible in Blitz. The Chief Arbiter’s decision is final.


Top three winners of the Standard event will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and certificate. Medals may also be awarded for the Blitz event. A total of $3,000 USD for Standard chess in this Asian Chess Federation event shall be awarded as follows:

Over 50 Over 65 Best Women
1st US $500 1st US $350 Over 50 US $300
2nd US $400 2nd US $200 Over 65 US $100
3rd US $300 3rd US $150
4th US $200 4th US $100
5th US $150 5th US $100
6th US $150

All players having the same number of points will share their money prizes equally, in local currency.

Direct Titles

Gold medalists (first after tiebreak) in Standard chess open category shall receive a GM norm. 1 st equal (first three after tiebreak) will receive the IM title. Silver and Bronze medalists shall receive IM norms and FM titles. For a direct title to be awarded immediately an applicant has to have achieved at some time or other a minimum rating as follows: IM 2200, WIM 2000, FM 2100, WFM 1900.


Those who need visas should apply at the New Zealand consulate nearest to them. Invitation letters will be issued by the NZCF President upon sending the completed application form and upon payment of fees. Participants should send a clear scanned copy of their passport to [email protected] and NZCF President at [email protected]

It is advisable to apply for visas for New Zealand as soon as possible because of processing delays.

Players should visit the New Zealand Government website: to check the current Visa requirements and application process (and countries with Visa Waiver), health requirements and other relevant information.

Visa Waiver travels require NZ Electronic Authorisation (NZeTA) go to

Please note anyone transiting through another country eg Australia will need to investigate transit visa requirements for that country also.

Airport Transfers

If required, the Organizing Committee will arrange airport transport to the Rose Park Hotel. Players must notify the Organizers at least one week in advance of their arrival. The travelling time is approximately 30 – 40 minutes depending on traffic.

Covid-19 Requirements

Players are advised to check travelling requirements with their airlines, to make necessary travel and medical insurance arrangements and also check the NZ Immigration website for updates on any entry requirements. Travel to New Zealand without any quarantine period from most countries will be possible from July, 2022.

Player Health and Safety Guidelines

Players are recommended to wear a facemask and sanitise frequently within the Hotel environment and tournament room and comply with hotel health requirements. Hand sanitiser will be available at entrances.

Players should not enter the tournament room if they are or become unwell and should inform an arbiter as soon as practical.

Players should not enter the tournament room if awaiting results of a covid test, or have covid symptoms. A player must follow the direction of the Chief Arbiter with regard to health guidelines.

Handshakes before and/or after the game are not required.

Other Matters

Any matters not mentioned in the Regulations above will be decided upon, if necessary, after consultation with the Asian Chess Federation President.

Contact Information

Chief Organizer: IO Paul Spiller: email: [email protected]

NZCF President: Nigel Metge: email: [email protected]

NZCF Treasurer: Richard Christie: email: [email protected]

Chief Arbiter: IA Bob Gibbons: email: [email protected]


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