Organised by (Arataki) Mount Chess Club.

Venue: Trinity Wharf, Tauranga.

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There were 15 DGT smartboards operating in this Congress. Allocated to Open (top 10 boards), Major (top 5 boards), Junior (all 10 boards). None for Rapid or Blitz.

Games can be watched through the following channels. Use your favourite!

Follow Chess: Open, Major, Junior.

Livechess Cloud: Open, Major, Junior.

New Zealand Congress 2020 Prizewinners

Open Junior
1st5/6Isabelle Yixuan Ning
2nd4.5/6Zhi Yu (Paul) He
3rd equal4/6Euan McDougall
3rd equal4/6Abraham Deng
3rd equal4/6Josia Vickers
3rd equal4/6Boyuan Zhang
under 164/6Josia Vickers
under 144/6Abraham Deng
under 125/6Isabelle Yixuan Ning
under 103/6Emily Gan
NZ Open
1st8/9GM Daniel Howard Fernandez
2nd6.5/9GM Vasily Papin
Joint NZ Champion (1st/4)3rd equal6/9Kirill Polishchuk
3rd equal6/9GM Darryl K Johansen
3rd equal6/9IM Brandon G I Clarke
Joint NZ Champion (2nd/4)3rd equal6/9FM Ben Hague
Joint NZ Champion (3rd/4)3rd equal6/9IM Paul A Garbett
3rd equal6/9IM Herman C Van Riemsdijk
Joint NZ Champion (4th/4)3rd equal6/9IM Russell J Dive
Major Open
1st7.5/9Hao Tang
2nd equal7/9Miles Patterson
2nd equal7/9Brent Perrin
under 19006.5/9Oliver Dai
under 17005.5/9Allan Han
NZ Rapid
NZ Rapid Champion1st7.5/9IM Anthony F Ker
2nd equal7/9IM Brandon G I Clarke
2nd equal7/9GM Vasily Papin
under 22005.5/9FM Robert W Smith
under 22005.5/9Ralph Hart
under 21005.5/9Kirill Polishchuk
under 20004/9David J Cooper
under 19005.5/9Philli Park-Tamati
under 19005.5/9Daniel-Ioan Runcan
under 19005.5/9Ryan Winter
NZ Blitz
1st equal7/9IM Brandon G I Clarke
1st equal7/9IM Herman C Van Riemsdijk
3rd equal6.5/9GM Daniel Howard Fernandez
3rd equal6.5/9GM Vasily Papin
3rd equal6.5/9GM Darryl K Johansen
NZ Blitz Champion3rd equal6.5/9IM Anthony F Ker
under 21005.5/9Noel Pinic
under 21005.5/9Nunilon III Fulo
under 20005/9Prashant Mistry
under 19005.5/9Euan McDougall

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