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8am 12th November 2019 NZDT

Chess Olympiad 2020 dates announced

FIDE has announced dates and locations for the Chess Olympiad in 2020. Chess Olmpiad events would begin on 29th July 2020 in Khanty-Mansysk and end on 17th August 2020 in Moscow, Russia.

From 29th July 2020 till 4th August 2020 in Khanty-Mansysk the opening ceremony, 1st Chess Paralympiad, FIDE Congress and General Assembly would be held. Then the Olympiad would move to Moscow for the Moscow leg's opening ceremony on 5th August 2020, followed by the Chess Olympiad and Women's Chess Olympiad from 6th to 17th August 2020. Chess Olympiad 2020 would then conclude with the closing ceremony held in Moscow on 17th August 2020.

More details would be available in the 29th July to 17th August 2020 section of our calendar webpage.

11pm 28th October 2019 NZDT

Merv Morrison Memorial 2019

Congratulatons to the prizewinners:

Position Points Player
1st 5.5/6 IM Brodie McClymont
2nd equal 5/6 IM Paul Anthony Garbett
2nd equal 5/6 Evan Timothy Capel
2nd equal 5/6 FM Michael V R Steadman
Under 2100 and Over 1800
1st 4.5/6 CM Benjamin U Lim
2nd equal 4/6 J Nigel Metge
2nd equal 4/6 CM David Cilia Vincenti
2nd equal 4/6 Prashant Mistry
2nd equal 4/6 CM Alex Nagorski
Under 1800 Merv Morrison Memorial Trophy
1st equal 4/6 Huy Minh (Timothy) Ha
1st equal 4/6 Karl Holdo
1st equal 4/6 Rauen Le Grange
1st equal 4/6 Grant L Burrows
Under 1500 and Over 1000
1st 4/6 Grant L Burrows
2nd equal 3/6 Jacob Barry
2nd equal 3/6 Michael Ashe
2nd equal 3/6 David Junyang Zhu
Under 1000
1st equal 3/6 Aanand Madhav
1st equal 3/6 Emily Gan

Further details in .

IM Brodie McClymont.

Sometimes a player doggedly wants to use up all his time. Look at the situation below from the last game to finish at the final round of this event.

1. Player with White pieces has not moved for more than 30 minutes!

2. After 45 minutes, still no move...

3. No move made in more than 1.5 hours.

4. Interesting when moves are being made.

5. Frozen without moving again.

6. Patiently waiting for last game to finish can be entertaining.

7. Chief Arbiter writing down obvious result.

8. Still considering whether to make only possible legal move...

9. Flagged, finally Richard Dare concedes defeat to Oscar Qin!

8am 24th September 2019 NZST

Requirement to join a NZCF member Chess Club

New Zealand chess players who play in more than one chess competition per year that is rated by NZCF must become a member of a NZCF member chess club. Only people who are NZCF Life Members are exempt from this requirement.

Most active chess players will have no problem with club membership requirements as they would be joining their local chess club to play chess regularly. However this leaves a problem for those chess players who do not join a chess club since they play little club chess but play in several chess tournaments per year. NZCF’s solution of $50 Lone Wolf chess club membership is expensive and designed to encourage people to join a chess club instead.

There has to be a more economical and efficient solution and we searched for it. Our criteria is simple, is there any NZCF member chess club who offered economical club membership to cater for people who play little club chess but would play in two or more chess tournaments per year? Which chess club has the lowest price and least membership conditions? One club met our criteria perfectly.

Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club offers visitor membership for infrequent players, at just $10 per annum. This is the easiest and lowest priced chess club membership available that meets NZCF’s requirement for New Zealand chess players who play in more than one chess competition per year. Best of all, Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club is the Bay of Plenty’s best and only NZCF affiliated member chess club.

More details on the $10 visitor membership can be found in Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club .

25th August 2019 NZST

Peter Stuart Memorial (formerly North Shore Open) 2019

Congratulatons to the prizewinners:

Position Points Player
'Open' tournament
1st equal 4/5 CM Alphaeus Ang
1st equal 4/5 Evan T Capel
1st equal 4/5 FM Ben Hague
under2100 equal 3/5 Giovanni A Thornton
under2100 equal 3/5 WFM Jasmine Haomo Zhang
under2100 equal 3/5 WFM Vyanla M Punsalan
under1900 equal 2.5/5 Felix Xie
under1900 equal 2.5/5 CM Richard Meng
under1900 equal 2.5/5 Caleb Wright
'B' tournament
1st equal 4.5/5 Clinton A Wells
1st equal 4.5/5 Hao Tang
3rd equal 4/5 Allen Li
3rd equal 4/5 Huy Minh (Timothy) Ha
under1600 4/5 Allen Li
under1475 equal 3.5/5 Narasimhan Lakshmi Ravi
under1475 equal 3.5/5 Boyuan Zhang
'C' tournament
1st equal 4.5/5 Leo Noel Bainov
1st equal 4.5/5 Mathew Steadman
3rd equal 4/5 Tim Zhang
3rd equal 4/5 Kevin Shen Su
3rd equal 4/5 Kedar Walke
over16years 4/5 Kedar Walke
under16years 4/5 Kevin Shen Su
under10years 3.5/5 Bevis Jiang
under10years 3.5/5 Lucas Xiao
under9years 4/5 Tim Zhang

Further details in .

North Shore Chess Club

Open Winners

L-R: Daniel Johns (secretary), Evan T Capel, CM Alphaeus Ang, FM Ben Hague, Neil Gunn (vice president).

12th July 2019 NZST

New Zealand Junior Chess Championship 2019

The New Zealand Junior Chess Championship and New Zealand Junior Rapid Chess Championshipfor 2019 was held 8th to 12th July 2019 in Howick, Auckland.

CM Alphaeus Ang undisputed NZ Junior Chess Champion 2019.

CM Alphaeus Ang is the undisputed NZ Junior Chess Champion after outright wins in both, standard and rapid, tournaments.

List of NZ Junior Championship title winners.

1st and NZ Junior Chess Champion: CM Alphaeus Ang.
2nd: FM Daniel Gong.
3rd: CM Oliver Picken.
4th=: Connor Hackney, Abraham Deng, Jeffrey Yu, Boyuan Zhang, Sylvia McDougall.
NZ Schoolpupils Champion: CM Alphaeus Ang.
NZ Schoolgirls Champion: Sylvia McDougall.
NZ Under16 Champion: FM Daniel Gong.
NZ Under16 Girls Champion: Sylvia McDougall.
NZ Under14 Champions: Lucase Yang, Aidan Morgan.
NZ Under12 Champions: Abraham Deng, Jeffrey Yu.
NZ Under12 Girls Champion: Yolanda Chang.
NZ Under10 Champion: Penghao (Jack) Chen.
NZ Under10 Girls Champion: Hannah Xu.
NZ Under8 Champion: Daqi Mao.
NZ Under8 Girls Champion: Lauren Ng.

List of NZ Junior Rapid Championship title winners.

1st and NZ Junior Rapid Chess Champion: CM Alphaeus Ang.
2nd=: WCM Nicole Qin, CM Oliver Picken, Oscar Qin, Jeffrey Yu.
NZ Schoolpupils Rapid Champion: CM Alphaeus Ang.
NZ Schoolgirls Rapid Champion: WCM Nicole Qin.
NZ Under16 Rapid Champions: WCM Nicole Qin, CM Oliver Picken.
NZ Under16 Girls Rapid Champion: WCM Nicole Qin.
NZ Under14 Rapid Champion: Aanand Madhav.
NZ Under12 Rapid Champion: Oscar Qin, Jeffrey Yu.
NZ Under12 Girls Rapid Champion: Yolanda Chang, .
NZ Under10 Rapid Champion: Hannah Xu.
NZ Under10 Girls Rapid Champion: Hannah Xu.
NZ Under8 Rapid Champion: Daqi Mao.
NZ Under8 Girls Rapid Champion: Tracy Tang.

Full details available on Vega: , .

NZ Junior Chess Champion 2019

CM Alphaeus Ang

NZ Junior Chess Champion 2019

NZ Schoolpupils Chess Champion 2019.

NZ Junior Rapid Chess Champion 2019.

NZ Schoolpupils Rapid Chess Champion 2019.

20th April 2019 NZST

NZCF 2019 Constitution Highlights

The New Zealand Chess Federation (NZCF) has a new Constitution published and effective from March 2019. New Supplementary Regulations that lead on from the Constitution have also been published. To spare everyone affected from the intricacies of every clause in these documents, we have got our legal team to do an independent review and summarise their findings in plain practical terms when it comes to participation in chess events.

These new documents have largely accomplished the main aim of simplifying regulations for everyone involved with playing chess competitively. After all, the main aim is to remove needless bureaucratic work that creates barriers to promoting and playing chess. Here are three highlights we found that greatly simplify and remove barriers to playing chess competitively.

1. Eliminate Annual Player Registration.

Most important practical improvement for every New Zealand chess player is removal of the requirement to be registered for the year and pay the fee. Cost to be registered annually and constant ongoing tracking of registered players by officials had been the biggest impediment towards playing chess competitively. With the elimination of player registrations, nobody needs to be affected by this pointless and needless system.

Effect of this towards individuals is that NZCF now no longer has direct transactions with individual persons. People now only deal directly with NZCF's member chess clubs without any parallel direct dealings with NZCF itself. Previously there were two parallel but separate dealings, eg. becoming a member of a chess club and registering with NZCF. Now there is only becoming a member of a chess club.

Chess clubs now just set their own conditions for people to become members. There are no more pass through charges like annual player registration fees that are collected on behalf of NZCF. A person would now just pay the chess club's membership fees without any additional NZCF charges since the chess club is no longer NZCF's collecting agent.

2. Boost Chess Clubs' Membership.

All chess players need to do to be eligible to play in more than one chess competition rated by NZCF per year is to become a member of an affiliated or associated NZCF member chess club. A welcome incentive to help boost membership for every chess club in New Zealand.

NZCF's membership fees system is now radically different but greatly simplified, very unlike the previous system where clubs have a fixed NZCF affiliate or associate membership fee and then need to constantly check that every person who wants to join the chess club has paid their annual NZCF player registration fee. Now there is just a simple NZCF affiliate or associate membership fee that is calculated at $10 per member of the chess club.

Now NZCF's Constitution recognises that the same person can join multiple chess clubs that results in all affiliated member chess clubs that a person joined increasing their voting power at NZCF general meetings. This makes a NZCF affiliated member chess club's voting power proportionally based on the club's membership numbers without any alteration.

It seems that the only class of NZCF members that lose out are people who are NZCF Life Members. The only practical advantage of being a NZCF Life Member is not needing to become a member of any NZCF member chess club in order to play in more than one chess competition rated by NZCF per year. Each NZCF member chess club now independently decides on how to treat everyone who wants to join it since NZCF member chess clubs are no longer NZCF collecting agents. NZCF Life Members are now treated according to New Zealand society's egalitarian ethos where titles and honours do not confer any practical advantages.

3. Simplify Event Organisation.

Chess clubs and officials who organise chess events now find their responsibilities imposed by NZCF reduced. The removal of the means and need to track whether players have met all NZCF conditions to play in chess competitions rated by NZCF means that chess clubs and officials have no NZCF enforcement work responsibility. This eliminates the cause of many disputes and negative reactions faced by officials who organise chess events.

Now all chess clubs and officials only need to be responsible for NZCF charges that are incurred by each individual chess event. NZCF charges for one event are no longer connected to other events. For example, there is no need to check if a player has paid annual registration fees at another chess event. NZCF has effectively made all charges contained within each individual chess event.

Chess event officials now practically only need to ensure players have paid entry fees before allowing them to play in a chess event. Through not having any direct financial dealings with chess players individually, NZCF has removed all the complications and extra work caused by pass through charges.

New Zealand Chess Federation Logo

2019 Constitution Highlights

23rd February 2019 NZDT

14th Bay of Plenty Rapid

Congratulatons to the prizewinners:

1st Romie Lord Guerra.
2nd equal FM Daniel Gong, Evan Capel.
4th equal CM Alphaeus Ang, IM Russell Dive, Irmak Sipahioglu, Ralph Hart.
Under 2100 Noel Pinic (Best Bay of Plenty Player).
Under 1900 WFM Jasmine Zhang.
1st equal Chahal Aman, Luis Angel Duran Rubalcava.
3rd equal Timothy Ha, Simon Lyall.
Under 1600 Aaron Wang, Connor Hackney, Philli Park-Tamati.
Under 1400 Leo Kim.
1st Md Shahmat Mahin.
2nd equal Daniel Kang, Nrusingha Rath, Aidan Morgan.
Under 10 years old Matthew Kim.

Next edition of Bay of Plenty Rapid, New Zealand's first and longest running Fischer time control Rapid is already organised on an easy to remember date, 29th February 2020 (leap year day).

15th Bay of Plenty Rapid 2020 details in .

Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club

11pm 12th January 2019 NZDT

Oceania Youth & Oceania Under 20 Chess Championship

Congratulations to all Medalists and Direct Title/Norm winners. More details in .

Age Group Medal Title Norm
Under 20 Open Gold (AUS) Zelesco, Karl IM title GM norm
Under 20 Open Silver (AUS) Cannon, David FM title IM norm
Under 20 Open Bronze (NZL) Ang, Alphaeus Wei Ern FM title IM norm
Under 18 Open Gold (AUS) Cannon, David IM title
Under 18 Open Silver (NZL) Ang, Alphaeus Wei Ern FM title
Under 18 Open Bronze (AUS) Chan, Kris FM title
Under 16 Open Gold (NZL) Fan, Allen Chi Zhou FM title IM norm
Under 16 Open Silver (AUS) Wang, Kayson FM title (1st=)
Under 16 Open Bronze (AUS) Zou, Brendan CM title
Under 14 Open Gold (NZL) Meng, Richard FM title
Under 14 Open Silver (AUS) Zillmann, Shawn CM title
Under 14 Open Bronze (AUS) Lim, Christopher CM title
Under 12 Open Gold (NZL) Renjith, Sravan FM title
Under 12 Open Silver (AUS) Li, Oliver CM title
Under 12 Open Bronze (NZL) Qin, Oscar Shu Xuan CM title
Under 10 Open Gold (AUS) Ooi, Jayden CM title
Under 10 Open Silver (NZL) Zhang, Kendrick (Kenny) CM title
Under 10 Open Bronze (AUS) Zhao, Tiger Chengxin CM title
Under 8 Open Gold (AUS) Zhao, Tiger Chengxin CM title
Under 8 Open Silver (AUS) Ni, Lucas CM title
Under 8 Open Bronze (AUS) Wang, Daniel CM title
Under 20 Girls Gold (NZL) Zhang, Jasmine Haomo WIM title WGM norm
Under 20 Girls Silver (NZL) Punsalan, Vyanla M WFM title WIM norm
Under 20 Girls Bronze (AUS) Lim, Cassandra WFM title WIM norm
Under 18 Girls Gold (NZL) Zhang, Jasmine Haomo WIM title WIM norm
Under 18 Girls Silver (NZL) Punsalan, Vyanla M WFM title
Under 18 Girls Bronze (AUS) Lim, Cassandra WFM title
Under 16 Girls Gold (NZL) Zhang, Jasmine Haomo WFM title WIM norm
Under 16 Girls Silver (NZL) Punsalan, Vyanla M WCM title
Under 16 Girls Bronze (AUS) Lim, Cassandra WCM title
Under 14 Girls Gold (NZL) Braganza, Nadia WFM title
Under 14 Girls Silver (NZL) Yuan, Kimberley WCM title
Under 14 Girls Bronze (AUS) Wong, Cern WCM title
Under 12 Girls Gold (AUS) Chang, Sophie WFM title
Under 12 Girls Silver (AUS) Retnaraja, Athena-Malar WCM title
Under 12 Girls Bronze (NZL) Ning, Isabelle Yixuan WCM title
Under 10 Girls Gold (NZL) Ning, Isabelle Yixuan WCM title
Under 10 Girls Silver (AUS) Feng, Angela WCM title
Under 10 Girls Bronze (NZL) Xu, Hannah WCM title
Under 8 Girls Gold (AUS) Rupasinghe, Chanya
Under 8 Girls Silver (AUS) Li, Esther
Under 8 Girls Bronze

11am 30th October 2018 NZDT

Remit for 2019 NZCF AGM by North Shore Chess Club

A remit had been submitted on 30th October 2018 by North Shore Chess Club to be voted on at the 2019 NZCF Annual General Meeting.

The remit can be viewed in North Shore Chess Club's .

This remit would reduce NZCF annual player registration fees from the current $20 to just a nominal $1.

A very positive initiative by North Shore Chess Club to remove another unnecessary "tax" by NZCF. Keeping a single list of registered players nationwide online costs NZCF practically nothing. In terms of time, the automated player registration system was stress tested by the NZCF Secretary in 2013 and handled a 5 million player register in less than an hour. Number of players registered can easily increase 10 fold from the current less than 500 and it would take less than a minute a month to maintain the register.

Having a registered players list available online listing all registered players nationwide is of immense benefit to NZCF. Every chess player should be encouraged to be registered by making registration practically free. Just like it costs nothing to be registered in the electoral roll, there should not be a "poll tax" to be listed as a registered NZ chess player.

We encourage NZCF affiliated member clubs to vote in favour of this remit by North Shore Chess Club at the NZCF AGM.

North Shore Chess Club

10am 28th October 2018 NZDT

Remits for 2019 NZCF AGM by Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club

Two remits had been submitted on 26th October 2018 by Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club to be voted on at the 2019 NZCF Annual General Meeting.

Both remits are available for download in "Remits for January 2019 NZ Chess Congress AGM" section of Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club's webpage.

1st remit is to remove $10 levy per team that participates in Interschool Regional Qualifying competitions. This levy was meant to be used to fund travel grants for teams to participate with free entry into the National Interschool Finals. Since travel grants are no longer provided and entry fees are now being charged for National Interschool Finals, this levy just serves as a revenue grab by NZCF.

2nd remit is to make NZCF Council meeting minutes published online. NZCF Council meeting minutes used to be published online to enable downloading by NZCF members to freely distribute to everyone. All decisions by NZCF Council must be made at a council meeting and the proof of which are the meeting minutes kept by the NZCF Secretary. Meeting minutes need to be published so that everyone affected by NZCF Council decisions would know about the decisions and that they were validly made. Since NZCF is a registered charity without any commercial or sensitive activity, there is no reason for secrecy and instead every effort should be made for transparency and accountability as a standard practice of openness.

We encourage NZCF affiliated member clubs to vote in favour of these remits by Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club at the NZCF AGM.

Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club

9.30pm 21st October 2018 NZDT

Dato' Tan Chin Nam RIP

It is with great regret that we announce the passing of Dato' Tan Chin Nam, long time benefactor and honorary Life President of Malaysian Chess.

Those of us in NZ who took part in the Malaysian Open over the years will remember his enthusiasm for the event and the players - he even took part in the Seniors section when it was introduced. His contribution to development of chess in Asia was immense.

Dato' Tan Chin Nam
Dato' Tan Chin Nam

Dato' Tan Chin Nam RIP

October 20th-22nd 2018 - Merv Morrison Memorial, Auckland.
Organised by the Auckland Chess Centre.

More information online in Event Webpage.

Follow the event on Vega: Merv Morrison

Ben vs Ben

Ears vs Years

September 23rd - October 6th 2018 - 43rd World Chess Olympiad, Batumi, GEORGIA.

Official website:

Follow NZL on Chess-Results: or

Follow PNG on Chess-Results:
CM Helmut Marko of Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club plays for Papua New Guinea.

Live games at:

Batumi 2018 Chess Olympiad

WFM Vyanla Punsalan

Congratulations to Vyanla Punsalan for earning WFM title!

NZL team's hotel

Transport to venue

Building around venue

Your correspondent's entrance


Buildings around venue

NZL Women's team with coach

Players entrance

Scene before start of round

September 15th-16th 2018 - ACC September Weekender, Auckland.

A combination of 2 tournaments consisting 9 rounds of Blitz followed by 9 rounds of Rapid.
Score from Rapid would have twice the value of Blitz when determining standings.

More information online in Event Webpage.

Follow the events on Vega: Blitz or Rapid.

1st: CM Alphaeus Ang, on 24.5/27. Winning both Blitz (8.5/9) and Rapid (8/9).
2nd: FM Ben Hague, on 22/27.
3rd: Evan Capel (MAS), on 20/27.

Under 2100
1st: Daniel Runcan, on 17.5/27.
2nd: CM John Duneas, on 17/27.

Under 1800
1st: Philli Park-Tamati, on 15.5/27.
2nd=: Luis Angel Duran Rubalcava (MEX), on 15/27.
2nd=: Allen Li, on 15/27.

Under 1400
1st: Boyuan Zhang, on 13/27.
2nd=: Matthew Chen, on 12/27.
2nd=: Ian Lewis, on 12/27.

August 25th-26th 2018 - Peter Stuart Memorial (North Shore Open), Auckland.

Organised by North Shore CC.

This event commemorates Peter Stuart.

Link to official website by North Shore Chess Club.

Follow on Vega from the NSCC website: Open, B-Grade, C-Grade.

1st=: Evan Capel (MAS), FM Mike Steadman, on 4.5/5.
3rd: FM Ben Hague, on 4/5.
Flukey 1.c4 upset prize: Winston Weng, in round5 draw.

1850 < rating < 2000
1st=: Antonio Krstev, CM Benjamin Lim, on 3.5/5.

0 < rating < 1850
1st=: CM Alex Nagorski, Juni Aguilar, Philip Hair, CM Richard Meng, Xinyang Liu, on 2.5/5.

1st=: Erwin Koestanto, Brett Rider, on 4.5/5.
3rd: Euan McDougall, on 4/5.

1400 < rating < 1600
1st=: Nigel Cooper, Felix Xie, on 3.5/5.

0 < rating < 1460
1st: Phili Park-Tamati, on 3.5/5.

1st=: Ravi Lakshmi, Edward Ashworth, on 4.5/5.
3rd: Jay Zi Xuan Zhao, on 4/5.

1900 < Year of Birth < 1998
1st: Ying Wang, on 3.5/5.

2001 < Year of Birth < 2006
1st: Kevin Shen Su, on 3/5.

2007 < Year of Birth < 2008
1st: Thomas Zheng, on 3.5/5.

2009 < Year of Birth < 2018
1st: Pasindu Jayawickrama, on 3.5/5.

Peter Stuart Memorial

L-R: FM Mike Steadman, Evan Capel, Open 1st= with Michael Whaley presenting prizes.

L-R: Brett Rider, Erwin Koestanto, B-Grade 1st= with Michael Whaley presenting prizes.

L-R: Ravi Lakshmi, Edward Ashworth, C-Grade 1st=

August 1st 2018 - Rating Milestone Accomplished!

The monthly FIDE rating list, published today, was awaited with considerably more anticipation than usual in New Zealand.
Happily, it confirmed that our calculations were correct, and that his round 5 victory in the Waikato Open put FM Ben Hague over the magic figure of 2400 (a requirement for the IM title).

He now requires just one more IM norm...
Ben Hague 2400 milestone

July 27th-29th 2018 - Waikato Chess Open, Hamilton.
Organised by Hamilton Chess Club.

1st: FM Ben Hague, on 5/5. (Withdrew in final round to ensure 2400+ published FIDE rating)
2nd=: FM Mike Steadman, IM Russell Dive, on 4.5/6.
Waikato Champion: NM Graeme Spain, on 4/6.

1800 < rating < 1950
1st: Nathan Goodhue, on 4/6.
2nd=: FM Bob Gibbons, CM Hilton Bennett, on 3.5/6.

0 < rating < 1800
1st: Luis Angel Duran Rubalcava, on 3.5/6.
2nd=: Josia Vickers, Juni Aguilar, on 3/6.

B Grade (<1800)
1st & Waikato Junior Champion: Michael Lin, on 5.5/6.
2nd=: Lara Heppenstall, Bill Crombie, on 4.5/6.

1200 < rating < 1450
1st: Kendrick Zhang, on 4/6.
2nd=: Gary Judkins, Jeffrey Yu, Ying Wang, on 3.5/6.

0 < rating < 1200
1st: Joel Crombie, on 3/6.
2nd=: Tracy Liu, Vraj Dhankee, on 2.5/6.

Full results on Vega: Open; Under 1800.
Waikato Open 2018

Waikato Open 2018

L-R: Nathan Goodhue, Luis Rubalcava, NM Graeme Spain, IM Russell Dive, FM Ben Hague, CM Hilton Bennett.

July 18th 2018 - Dvorkovich meets Asian Chess Federations, Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN.

FIDE presidential candidate Arkady Dvorkovich had a meeting with representatives from 14 Asian chess federations.

Uzbekistan Chess Federation's hospitality was appreciated by the federations that attended (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, South Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Palestine, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Vietnam).

Good ideas were put forward for the future of chess. These would be productively used by the campaign ticket.
Tashkent meeting

Tashkent meeting

July 7th-15th 2018 - George Trundle Masters, Auckland.

1st: FM Ben Hague, on 6.5/9. With IM norm.
2nd: IM Vishal Sareen, on 6/9.
3rd: FM Chris Wallis, on 5.5/9.
4th=: FM Alexei Kulashko & IM Aleks Wohl, on 5/9.

1st=: Gordon Morrell & FM Mike Steadman, on 8/9.
3rd: Nathan Goodhue, on 5.5/9.
4th: WCM Vyanla Punsalan, on 5/9.

1st: CM Richard Meng, on 7.5/9.
2nd: Laurens Goormachtigh, on 6/9.
3rd: Xinyang Liu, on 5.5/9.

1st: Euan McDougall, on 7.5/9.
2nd=: Hugh Gao & WCM Nadia Braganza, on 6.5/9.

Full results on Vega: Masters; Qualifiers; Reserves; Talents.
FM Ben Hague

FM Ben Hague, champion with IM norm.

July 12th 2018 - North Shore Chess Club's skilled volunteer.

The FIDE Presidential Board meeting has confirmed that Tingling (Lynn) Wei has achieved the norms for the FA arbiter title - this will be awarded once the 60-day period for registration has completed, in a few weeks.

Lynn is a Committee member at the North Shore Chess Club, where her services as liaison with the Chinese-speaking chess community are highly valued. She also serves as Treasurer on the executive council of the Auckland Chess Association, putting her accounting qualifications to good use.

Here Lynn is shown checking out the new computer that North Shore CC purchased with a Pub Charity grant. She will be using it to run club events with Vega - and as an arbiter at the Peter Stuart Memorial weekender in August (

Skilled volunteers such as Lynn keep chess running in New Zealand and we thank them all!
FA Lynn Wei

FA Lynn Wei checking out new computer purchased by North Shore CC with a Pub Charity grant.

July 3rd 2018 - New Zealand Girls Interschool Chess Championships, St Cuthbert's College, Epsom, Auckland.

Link to Event website,

Secondary Champion:
Mt Roskill Grammar.
Caroline Yan (board 1), Sarah Yan (board 2), Sylvia McDougall (board 3), Kirushni Suthakaran (board 4).

Intermediate Champion:
Mt Roskill Intermediate.
Saasha Ghadiali (board 1), WCM Renae Ghadiali (board 2), Hina Framhein (board 3), Deeya Purani (board 4).

Primary Champion:
Willow Park School.
Emma Zhuang (board 1), Chenchen Wang (board 2), Kaylie Chen (board 3), Amelia Jane Birzin (board 4).

Girls playing chess



Organising Team

June 24th 2018 - Auckland Interclubs: Junior Teams, Auckland.
Venue: Lyell Creek lounge, Alexandra Park. From 9.30am.
Organised by Auckland Chess Association.

A very closely contested event ended in victory for the North Shore A team, aided by North Shore B (in third) who held up the opposition! The Auckland Red team finished second.
Photos and articles on our Facebook page (no login required): NZ Chess News.

1st: North Shore A (CM Richard Meng, Andrew Li, Matthew Chen, Nina Nguyen).
on 8/10 Match Points.
2nd: Auckland Red (CM Allen Fan, Winston Weng, Felix Xie, Isabelle Ning).
on 7/10 Match Points, 14/20 Game Points.
3rd: North Shore B (Thomas Zheng, Allen Li, Kendrick Zhang, Jeffrey Yu).
on 7/10 Match Points, 12.5/20 Game Points.
4th: Papatoetoe A (Hugh Gao, PYS Jayawickrama, Ansh Gupta, Max Jiang).
on 7/10 Match Points, 12/20 Game Points.

Follow on Orion: Junior Interclubs.
ACA Junior Interclubs

Matthew Chen, CM Richard Meng, Andrew Li, Nina Nguyen.

June 2nd-4th 2018 - 41st Trusts Open, Auckland.
Organised by Waitakere Chess Club.
Link to Details and Entry Form.
Follow the event on Vega: A-Grade; B-Grade; C-Grade; Junior.

1st IM Anthony Ker.
2nd= FM Mike Steadman, FM Bob Smith, FM Ben Hague, FM Alexei Kulashko.

Under 2300
FM Daniel Gong, Nunilon Fulo III, CM Allen Fan.

Under 2100
CM Benjamin Lim, CM Helen Milligan, Sean Christian Goh, Nathan Goodhue, P Prabhu Kiran.

Under 2000
Ethan Goh.

1st Erwin Koestanto.
2nd Oliver Dai.
3rd= Timothy Ha, Owen Jin.

Under 1750
Caleb He.

Under 1600
Winston Weng.

Under 1520
Andrew Li.

1st Paul He.
2nd Julien Goh.
3rd Daniel Qiu.

Under 1350
Abraham Deng, Hugh Gao.

Under 1290
Jie Gong.

Under 1200
Uday Jain.

1st Anya Thurner.
2nd= Allen Weng, Ryan Fan, Eric Jin, Pasidu Y S Jayawickrama.

Under 8 years old
Vihanda V S Jayawickrama.

Trusts Open round 1

Trusts Open round 1

IM Anthony Ker, Champion.

L-R: Linda Cooper, John Francis, IM Anthony Ker, Bob Smith.

May 19th, 26th and 27th 2018 - ACC May Weekender, Auckland.
Organised by the Auckland Chess Centre.
Follow the event on Vega: May Weekender

1st= with 5/6: FM Alexei Kulashko, FM Leonard McLaren, FM Ben Hague.
4th wtih 4.5/6: FM Daniel Gong.

Under 2100
1st=: CM John Duneas, WFM Jasmine Zhang, CM Helen Milligan.

Under 1800
1st: Laurens Goormachtigh
2nd: Timothy Ha
3rd=: Aaron Wang, Felix Xie, Philli Park-Tamati, Winston Weng, WCM Nadia Braganza, Uday Jain.

Under 1350
1st=: JC Mullage, Kendrick Zhang, Isabelle Ning, John Liu, Lucas Liu, Hugh Gao.

FM Leonard McLaren & FM Ben Hague

1st= FM Leonard McLaren & FM Ben Hague

FM Alexei Kulashko

1st= FM Alexei Kulashko

CM Helen Milligan

Timothy Ha

Isabelle Ning

April 25th, 28th, and 29th 2018 - ACC ANZAC Weekender, Auckland.
Organised by the Auckland Chess Centre.

Full results on Vega: ANZAC Weekender

1st with 5.5/6: IM Paul Garbett
2nd= with 5/6: FM Alexei Kulashko & CM Alphaeus Ang
4th= with 4.5/6: FM Mike Steadman, FM Daniel Gong, CM Helen Milligan, FM Ben Hague, CM Allen Fan, & Laurens Goormachtigh (Belgium)

Under 1800
1st: Laurens Goormachtigh (Belgium)
2nd: Stephen Peak
3rd=: Timothy Ha, Sarah Yan, Karl Holdo, Allen Li, & Owen Jin

Under 1400
1st: Abraham Deng
2nd=: Felix Xie, & Andrew Li

Under 1250
1st=: Kendrick Zhang, & Richard Aylett
3rd: Leo Li

IM Paul Garbett

1st IM Paul Garbett

FM Alexei Kulashko & CM Alphaeus Ang

CM Helen Milligan & FM Mike Steadman

Allen Li, Timothy Ha & Owen Jin

Abraham Deng

Felix Xie & Andrew Li

Richard Aylett & Kendrick Zhang

18th Bangkok Chess Club Open

Kiwis who participated:
Dan Dolejs, in Challenger.

More under this event's entry in Results webpage.

Official website:

View from room

Wake up to this view at the venue!

Asian Youth Chess Championship

Kiwis who participated: (Listed by Chess Results)
John Liu, Under 12 Open.
Tracy Jiajie Liu, Under 10 Open.
Isabelle Yixuan Ning, Under 10 Girls.

Official website:

Asian Youth Chess Championship

Asian Youth Chess Championship 2018
Chiangmai, THAILAND.

Wellington Open

1st IM Anthony Ker
2nd= FM Nic Croad, WIM Layla Timergazi, FM Mike Steadman, IM Russell Dive.

Full results on Vega: Wellington Open

IM Anthony Ker

1st IM Anthony Ker

Latvian Rapid

1st FM Alexei Kulashko
2nd= FM Ben Hague, Ralph Hart and CM Alphaeus Ang
Rating 1900-2100 Antonio Krstev and FM Daniel Gong
Rating under 1900 CM Alex Nagorski

1st Erwin Koestanto (Indonesia)
2nd= Euan McDougall and Luis Angel Duran Rubalcava (Mexico)
4th Neil Cruden
Rating 1550-1650 Paul Summers (Australia) and Reza Amani (Iran)
Rating under 1550 Felix Xie, Sarah Yan, Oliver Dai and Norman Collier

1st= Wayne McDougall and Connor Hackney
3rd= Scott Smith, Leo Li and Kimberley Yuan

1st Hamish Chan
2nd Hannah Xu
3rd= Jay Zi Xuan Zhao, Tejasvi Kichavaoi, and Brian Zhao

Full results on Vega: A-Grade , B-Grade , C-Grade , D-Grade .

FM Alexei Kulashko

1st FM Alexei Kulashko

Hawke's Bay Rapid

1st FM Ben Hague
2nd= FM Stephen Lukey and FM Daniel Gong

1st= Aaron Wang and Oscar Qin
3rd Kimberley Yuan

1st Finley Duncan
2nd Sean Molloy
3rd= Te Kaha Taiapa and Akuhata Keelan

Full results on Vega: A-Grade; B-Grade; Junior.

Oscar Qin and Aaron Wang

B-Grade: Oscar Qin and Aaron Wang

Bay of Plenty Rapid

1st FM Ben Hague
2nd Kirill Polishchuk
3rd= FM Mike Steadman, Noel Pinic, IM Paul Garbett, CM Helen Milligan (under2000), Richard Dare (under1900)

1st Laurens Goormachtigh
2nd Luis Angel Duran Rubalcava
3rd= Asheesh Gautam, Leyton Hackney, Simon Lyall, Neil Cruden, Timothy Ha, Philli Park-Tamati (under1600)
under1400 Jie Gong

1st= Aidan Morgan, Leo Kim, UOG Udala Nethmina Bandara
under12years Kevin Li
under10years Hannah Xu

Full results on Vega: A-Grade , B-Grade , Junior

Kirill Polishchuk

Kirill Polishchuk (Best BoP player)

Auckland Anniversary Weekender

1st with 6/6: FM Ben Hague
2nd= CM Alphaeus Ang, FM Bob Smith, IM Paul Garbett, CM Allen Fan, Gino Thornton, CM John Duneas

Under 1800: 1st CM Oliver Picken
2nd= Laurens Goormachtigh, Caroline Yan, Karl Holdo, Oliver Dai, Roy Seabrook, Stephen Peak

Under 1500: 1st Tom Fu
2nd= Sarah Yan, Jacob Barry, Philli Park-Tamati, Uday Jain, Aaron Wang, Isabelle Ning, Abraham Deng

Under 1200: 1st Kendrick Zhang
2nd Felix Xie
3rd Boyuan Zhang

Full results on Vega: Anniversary Weekender

FM Ben Hague

FM Ben Hague

Funeral for Peter Stuart

The funeral for Peter Stuart will be held at 11am on Monday 19th February at Forrest Funeral Services, Glen Road, Browns Bay.

Peter Stuart

Peter Stuart RIP

2018 New Zealand Chess Champions

The New Zealand Open finished with the visting French GMs in 1st and 2nd places, but the more important local fight for the title of 125th New Zealand Champion was decided by a last-round battle. Alphaeus Ang won quickly, reaching 6/9, and was able to watch most of his challengers fall behind - Mike Steadman and Bob Smith lost to the Frenchmen, and Allen Fan was held to a draw by Australian GM Darryl Johansen. That left a fascinating game with Daniel Gong (on 5½) trying to hold off the challenge of Russell Dive (on 5). Dive eventually won, and shared the title with Ang.

Alphaeus is only 15 - the same age as GM Murray Chandler, back in the 1975/76 event, where Chandler scored his first Championship. A sign of great things to come? We can certainly hope so! In any case, it is clear that Youth is finally making a breakthrough against Experience in New Zealand!

Full details can be found in the dedicated NZ Congress 2018 webpage.

New Zealand Champions

CM Alphaeus Ang (left), IM Russell Dive (right)

Results of the election at the NZCF AGM

Download the Minutes here (pdf document).

To summarise, we lost the election to the other ticket. The policies that we promoted that were expressed through remits from North Shore Chess Club and Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club were also lost, although voting for the Mount Maunganui remit and the first North Shore remit (on registration fees) were tied and defeated by chairman Murray Chandler's casting vote.

The full details of the votes were as follows:

Election for Council (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Councillors)
5 votes for us (1 Mt Maunganui, 3 North Shore, 1 Papatoetoe)
21 votes against us (5 Auckland, 2 Canterbury, 2 Hamilton, 1 Hawkes Bay, 2 Howick-Pakuranga, 2 Otago, 2 Upper Hutt, 1 Waitakere, 4 Wellington)

Mt Maunganui Remit, to require open tender process before NZCF can contract out events.
12 votes for (5 Auckland, 1 Mt Maunganui, 3 North Shore, 2 Otago, 1 Papatoetoe)
12 votes against (2 Canterbury, 2 Hamilton, 1 Hawkes Bay, 2 Howick-Pakuranga, 1 Waitakere, 4 Wellington)
2 votes abstaining (2 Upper Hutt)
Murray Chandler cast the chairman's vote to defeat the remit.

North Shore Remit1, to cut NZCF annual player registration fees to $10.
12 votes for (5 Auckland, 1 Mt Maunganui, 3 North Shore, 1 Papatoetoe, 2 Upper Hutt)
12 votes against (2 Canterbury, 2 Hamilton, 1 Hawkes Bay, 2 Howick-Pakuranga, 1 Waitakere, 4 Wellington)
2 votes abstaining (2 Otago)
Murray Chandler cast the chairman's vote to defeat the remit.

North Shore Remit2, to make NZCF tournament levies inclusive of FIDE rating fees.
10 votes for (5 Auckland, 1 Mt Maunganui, 3 North Shore, 1 Papatoetoe)
12 votes against (2 Canterbury, 2 Hamilton, 1 Hawkes Bay, 2 Howick-Pakuranga, 1 Waitakere, 4 Wellington)
4 votes abstaining (2 Otago, 2 Upper Hutt)

North Shore Remit3, to revert interschools levies back to $5 per team. No extra charge to teams for playing in national finals.
5 votes for (1 Mt Maunganui, 3 North Shore, 1 Papatoetoe)
17 votes against (5 Auckland, 2 Canterbury, 2 Hamilton, 1 Hawkes Bay, 2 Howick-Pakuranga, 1 Waitakere, 4 Wellington)
4 votes abstaining (2 Otago, 2 Upper Hutt)

These were the delegates casting the clubs' votes at the AGM.
5 votes, Auckland, Mike Steadman.
2 votes, Canterbury, Edward Rains.
2 votes, Hamilton, Murray Chandler.
1 vote, Hawkes Bay, Bernard Carpinter.
2 votes, Howick-Pakuranga, Stan Yee & Tony Booth.
1 vote, Mt Maunganui, Helen Milligan.
3 votes, North Shore, Helen Milligan.
2 votes, Otago, Leighton Nicholls.
1 vote, Papatoetoe, Helen Milligan.
2 votes, Upper Hutt, Anton Reid.
1 vote, Waitakere, Bob Smith.
4 votes, Wellington, Ross Jackson & Russell Dive.

Peter Stuart RIP

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of our friend and colleague Peter Stuart. We offer our condolences to all his family and friends. Further details will be posted here on our website when we have them.

I'd like to write a few lines about Peter. I moved to New Zealand in 2007 so I have not known him as long as most of you have. However, during that time, he became a good friend and a trusted advisor. He was a man of complete integrity and the highest principles, dedicated to chess and particularly to juniors and club players. He was a stickler for correct procedures and cost-effective organisation. His enthusiasm and constant hard work kept our club active and involved in every aspect of Auckland chess - ACA Interclubs, NZCF Interschools, Jenkins Trophy matches, internal tournaments in a variety of categories, time controls, and even chess variants (Fischer Random for example), and of course our annual North Shore Open, which he organised and directed.

Peter has also been involved in every aspect of NZ chess on a national scale - Editor of the magazine, President of the federation, International Arbiter and International Organiser, Life Member. At international level he has been a player for NZ (most recently at the World Seniors Team Championship in 2014) and a captain (e.g. the Women's Olympiad team in 2014). His contribution to chess here in NZ is incalculable. And of course he has been North Shore's club champion more times than I can readily count on the trophy sitting in front of me…

We have been honoured to have him on our ticket. His input to our policies was substantial and he shared our vision for junior development and organisational upgrade. In particular, we were encouraged by his confidence in our ability to put our policies into practice. He will be sorely missed by our team and by North Shore Chess Club - but we will continue to present our ideas for the future of NZ chess, knowing that he will be cheering us on.

Helen Milligan

Peter Stuart

Peter Stuart RIP

Nominations for election of NZCF Council at the NZCF AGM

At the NZCF AGM in January 2018, there will be an election to choose between two nominations for Council. It is the first time an election has been held for nearly 20 years. Usually, Council changes by means of a gradual process as people retire or take a break from duties. So usually, there is no need for chess clubs and chess players to get seriously involved or consider different approaches. This time it is different. There are two clearly different approaches on offer. We would like you to consider our agenda.

A chess federation run by volunteers for the benefit of the amateur chess community

Our policies:
bullet Slash costs for everyone
bullet Enrich junior development
bullet Enhance tournaments/events
bullet Cultivate chess excellence

The core team of volunteers nominated by North Shore Chess Club is as follows:
President Keong Ang
Vice-President Peter Stuart
Secretary Helen Milligan
Treasurer Tingling Wei
Auckland Councillor Pierre Braganza
Auckland Councillor Arnold van den Heuvel
Auckland Councillor Kitty Lu
Auckland Councillor Simon Lyall

Volunteers are capable people who freely contribute their time, talent, and effort for NZCF to be well run. Of course, it would be good if we could have a full-time paid administrator, taking care of every organisational detail and answering all queries. Over the past few years we have indeed had someone who was effectively full-time, though paid at a part-time level. The net result has been that she has worked many hours to collect money which has not been sufficient to pay a living wage for the person doing the collecting. Our conclusion is that this does not work and is not improving the state of NZ chess. The people who make up the chess community in New Zealand are chess amateurs for whom chess is not a source of income, and they do not generate (cannot generate!) sufficient funds for us to treat chess as a professional sport and fund administration accordingly.

Chess in New Zealand is an activity that many parents consider useful for their kids, alongside physical sports, music, and of course schoolwork. In later years schoolwork, exams, and university entrance become overwhelmingly important. We therefore have a large and constant supply of young schoolchildren, who are not likely to be treating chess as a potential career or even a main hobby. This is the population we need to cater for, and it is the population from which we should be seeking support, as the parents are understandably anxious to give their kids good opportunities to improve and win titles and awards!

Our Initiatives

bullet Slash costs for everyone

Our policy of a volunteer organisation means an immediate saving of $1250 per month, currently paid by NZCF for a combination of book-keeping, website management, and general administration. This would allow an immediate reduction of costs. Remits submitted by North Shore CC to the AGM include the following:
bullet Reducing annual player registration fees by 50% (from $20 to $10).
bullet Including FIDE rating charges as part of tournament levies.
bullet Reversing interschool levies from the recent increase back to $5 per school team.
We believe these would all be very popular measures. Currently anyone who plays chess outside the major centres (Auckland and Wellington) is likely to complain about having to pay the $20 registration fee for only a couple of events per year! FIDE ratings are popular and with a monthly update they provide a certain 'instant gratification' which is mandatory in today's fast-moving world. Interschool levies are a burden to those trying to run school events in areas of low income.

Many tasks performed by chess organisers involve a lot of repetitive work. A major project to alleviate the burden through automating most work that is currently done manually is a priority. For example, it would be possible to set up a system where tournaments were advertised online, with online entry fee payment and registration, leading to automatic updates of Vega files, with further integration into the NZCF ratings database and Grand Prix points calculation. This is not something that would happen overnight - but we have computer experts on our ticket who could work on this project, not to mention considerable computer expertise in the general population of chess players!

bullet Enrich junior development

One of our mottos might be to ensure that every child in an Interschools event is capable of mating with queen or two rooks against bare king - and perhaps also capable of avoiding a quick end by Scholar's Mate! If we accept that our main challenge is to promote chess among young schoolchildren, then we must look at providing them with the coaching they need to make the most of their years of chess activity. Not everyone aspires to be a Grandmaster - but in the long run, if we want Grandmasters, then a large pool of well-educated children would be essential.

We would like to promote coaches on our official website, and our long-term plans include provision of weekly opportunities for kids to play and have their games analysed by coaches. Maybe, one day, a real National Chess Centre?!

bullet Enhance tournaments/events

Competitive chess includes regional and national Interschools events, weekend events run by clubs and other local organisers, internal rated club events, and the array of official NZCF Championships. We would facilitate all of these, with various targeted initiatives.

Recently, organisation of regional Interschools events (where 'regional' includes the events in Auckland areas and in Wellington) has faltered. NZCF has attempted to revive these by giving lucrative contracts to outside organisers (replacing the local clubs, who traditionally ran these events). While this approach may have short-term advantages, in our opinion it needs to be more open, with opportunities for talented organisers to bid for events that local clubs have given up on. Mount Maunganui RSA Chess Club has submitted a remit to the AGM calling for an open and transparent procurement process, and we support this.

The mechanics of running events are another area where we would hope to be involved. Chess players are happiest when tournaments run smoothly, according to the schedule, with results promptly posted online. For junior chess players (and their parents), it is important that events are rated, preferably in both the NZCF and FIDE lists. All this is possible (and indeed normal) when events are run by well-trained, competent arbiters using up-to-date pairing software (ie Vega). It is our intention to train local arbiters around the country, to increase the pool of people happy and confident with the use of Vega and implementation of FIDE regulations. We would also train arbiters to use DGT boards for live games.

Being an arbiter is perhaps something that not many people would be interested in. Chess also needs people who understand the logistics of running an event - particularly events with large numbers of people, such as Interschools. We would like to harness parent power to help with these events, with the idea that the parents of one junior generation would then pass on the knowledge to parents of younger kids as they come into the chess world. Of course we would also welcome student power - the teenaged organisers of the highly successful NZ Girls' Team Championships have our great respect!

bullet Cultivate chess excellence

Progress in chess means improving, obtaining norms, and obtaining titles. At present this is really only possible if you (or your parents) can fund trips abroad, to play in strong international events where norms are possible or direct titles on offer. There are a few opportunities in NZ: the George Trundle Masters annually offers norm possibilities; the top section at Congress sometimes has norm opportunities; rare events such as the Zonals or the recent Asian Seniors offer direct titles.

We would continue to facilitate participation in international junior tournaments abroad (with direct titles). Recent NZCF policy has been to allow anyone to play in these, with selection procedures only if more than one player applies for a place in the same category of an event with free board and lodging for national representatives. Players are assumed to benefit from the experience, even if they are weak relative to others in their age category in NZ, and unlikely to do well in the chosen event.

Where we beg to differ from the current administration is in our support for local players in direct title events in New Zealand. We would be much more proactive in bringing Asian continental events to NZ, and when we obtain permission to run such events (which might include Asian Youth, Asian Junior, Asian Seniors, etc) we would make NZ results a priority, with support for our own top players rather than for high-profile foreigners.


The members of NZCF, according to our constitution, are the clubs. It is the affiliated clubs that will vote at the AGM. As a member of a club, you have probably voted for your club committee. Your committee will appoint a Delegate with instructions to vote at the AGM. Please, talk to your committee, and make sure they vote on the issues. This is an important moment in NZ chess, with a choice of roads forward.